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what are the possible ways to divide a square as 4 equal parts


It sounds like a homework. In reality yes, it has something to do with graphic design.

It is the kind of analisis of shapes and transformations that one make in the first semesters of a carreer.

You really need to imagine things, see things, and feel the answer.

A) It is enough if you simply modify some center lines in equal relationship to each sub-square, and rotate that segment 90°.

B) If you think of a square as part of a multi dimensional square pattern universe :o), you can invade each square with a twin square. You have two separated shapes, but together they are simply a split shape, but all 4 splited shapes are equal, so it is valid.

C) And if you think outside the box, I mean, the square, you can join this pices, move them an assemble them. Combine this with the first case and you achive interesting patterns.

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This is the kind of thinking that you need to develop. But I am worried if you are studying design. You need to explore, not simply ask someone else.

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