Escape the ordinary and treat yourself to a new adventure in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a unique experience, aDallas come Atlanta road tripshould be at the peak of her list! The driving distance is right for a lengthy road trip, and also it’s filled through beautiful scenery. When you reach her destination, the funny begins! use our complimentaryTravel Guideto discover the ideal things to perform in Atlanta and make your expedition from Dallas unforgettable.

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What You’ll need for a effective Dallas to Atlanta road Trip

In total, the distance fromDallas, TX, to Atlanta, GA,is 780 miles, and also the driving time is simply over 11 and a fifty percent hours. Don’t fret; with the best planning, this road pilgrimage will it is in the ideal you’ve ever before had! To assist you prepare because that your road trip, we’ve placed together a few useful tips. These space a few things you deserve to do to do the trip enjoyable:

Plan your course along I-20 EastMake lot of of stops throughout the driveEnjoy the journey with a friendSwitch motorists when neededCreate a funny playlist the music and podcastsPack a couple of drinks and also snacksCan’t-Miss Stops along the Way

The drive may seem long, however the street is ideal for a drive filled v fun experiences along the way. After all, road trips are just as much about the journey together they are around the destination! If you setup your expedition route along I-20 E, you will travel v five different states, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Stop No. 1: explore the key to the South

As girlfriend pass with Mississippi, take it a break and stretch her legs in Vicksburg. The historic city is around 5 hours from Dallas and was called the “Key to the South” by president Abraham Lincoln during the American polite War. Finest of all, it’s filled with things to do!

First, gain a tasty Southern-style enjoy the meal in a 100-year-old home atWalnut Hills Restaurant. Next, avoid by theBiedenharn Coca-Cola Museumwhere you’ll find unique advertising memorabilia and also the devices used to bottle Coca-Cola because that the an initial time in 1894. Afterward, stroll v town and also visit the earliest independent art gallery in Mississippi.Attic Galleryis a one-of-a-kind facility that share a special bond v Stonehurst location – among our stunning arts prints came from this really place! after ~ you’ve browsed the gallery and perhaps discovered a souvenir, head earlier to your car and get a few more miles under your belt prior to stopping for the night in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Atlanta has much for you to discover; fromfine diningtoexciting activities, ours bustling Midtown neighborhood has it all. Yet perhaps, the best place in the whole city is Stonehurst Place! We sell luxury, familiar service, and a deliciousbreakfastyou won’t uncover anywhere else. In youraccommodation, you deserve to unwind v a relaxing bathtub or obtain some shut-eye in ours heavenly beds. You’ll additionally enjoy fabulous décor transparent the inn and welcomingamenities. Last yet not least, once you’re ready to check out Atlanta, you’ll be measures away from the area’s many renownedattractions.

Ready to do the drive from Dallas come Stonehurst Place?Check our availabilityand book your getaway now. Us can’t wait to welcome you to our item of sky in the city!