I have actually two Tritons both v tandem trailers. One is a 2006 TR 21X through a 205 tire and the other is 2008 TR196 through a 215 tire. First I\"m wonder why the smaller tire, albeit not much, on the enlarge boat? The 2008 is in require of tires which had actually me searching and noticing the distinction in the 2 boats and just curious why, any insight from girlfriend guys?
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Those are different widths, which don’t really impact load. Either will certainly fit the exact same wheel, therefore the 215 was more than likely a replacement.

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That\"s what I believed (replacement) at very first until i looked at the date of the tire and also it matched the year the the boat. And yeah it\"s just .4 inches distinction in the two. I\"ve constantly had the 205 ~ above my boats so just thought this to be weird, thanks.
They probably have actually what the tires supplier sent them for the month/year. Due to the fact that they will certainly both work.
The 215 does carry much more weight... Spins less revs every mile, and could it is in a little far better on bearing and tire heat.
The 215 go carry much more weight... Spins less revs every mile, and also could be a little far better on bearing and also tire heat.
Diameter counts on element ratio. If aspect ratio is the same for both widths, climate yes, it would certainly spin slightly slower.
The element ratio is the very same on the 205 and also 215... 75.... The 215 has a higher load rating. Click the specs tab and also see... Https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires...odel=Endurance
All viable points, however when compare the 205 vs 215 in ~ the tire ns am looking at the 205 Carry\"s more weight than the 215, I understand weird right?
Carlisle radial HD chart. Ns don’t know why however here the is................................................... .....Load6H04571ST215/75R14LRC26.78.36...1870# 509816H04561ST205/75R14LRD26.17.85.52040# 65981
Carlisle radial HD chart. Ns don’t know why but here that is................................................... .....Load6H04571ST215/75R14LRC26.78.36...1870# 509816H04561ST205/75R14LRD26.17.85.52040# 65981
The distinction in weight transferring is because of the load rating of those two tires. An alert that the 215 tire is a pack rating \"C\" v 50 psi max air press while the 205 tire is a fill rating \"D\" v 65 psi tires pressure. That\"s the factor for the difference. If both tires were the same load rating the 215 tire would be rated for greater load.
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Ahh I view that now and went ago and checked. That’s the only 215 in a 14” they have listed.
A 205 tire turns 17 an ext revolutions in a mile than a 215. I look at load range and speed selection when purchase trailer tires that\"s an ext important. Just my opinion.
14 inch 215\"s came from the manufacturing facility on my old tandem axle Ranger trailer. When it came time to replace them, the dealer only had actually the 205\"s. I dubbed Ranger and they stated that using the 205\"s was not a problem. Ns bought the 205\"s and also they lasted for years.

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