For part artists, 2017 may note their very first GRAMMY compensation win, while rather may uncover their trophy shelf start to sag. We"re talking around an elite group of artists through multiple GRAMMY Awards to your name—and girlfriend won"t believe which one has won the most! present the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III (aka Eminem), winner his first GRAMMY compensation for best Rap Solo power in 2000 through "My surname Is." The chart-topping "Rap God" has actually taken home 15 total GRAMMY Awards over much more than 2 decades—most recently, in ~ the 57th annual GRAMMY Awards.He walked away with both the ideal Rap Album award forThe Marshall Mathers LP 2and best Rap/Sung teamwork for "The Monster," which also featured Rihanna.Itzhak Perlman, B.B. King, Alicia Keys, David Grohl, Steven Epstein, Michael Brecker, and also Barry Bales likewise have 15 GRAMMY Awards on your mantels. Currently the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
together a solo performer and also with the Police, Sting racked increase GRAMMY after ~ GRAMMY because that his multi-instrumental skills and singing talent. His many recent win remained in 2004 for finest Pop cooperation with Vocals for "Whenever ns Say your Name" v Mary J. Blige.Other artists v the sweet 16 encompass Leonard Bernstein, David Foster, James Mallinson, Robert Shaw, and Paul Simon.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.Photo:© Alessandro Bosio/Demotix/Corbis
Hits prefer "Respect," "Natural Woman," and also "Think" have actually earned this sensational songstress her "Queen the Soul" title.With a job that began at the tender period of 18, Aretha Louise Franklin won the Grammy award for ideal Female R&B Vocal power eight consecutive times.Paul McCartney and also Jimmy Sturr room the just other artist to have accomplished 18 GRAMMY compensation wins.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
amongst his countless GRAMMY Awards, Tony Bennett has received the finest Traditional pop Vocal performance Award ~ above seven different occasions and also the finest Traditional pop Vocal Album award on seven.Having sold numerous records worldwide, it's no surprised that this Kennedy center Honoree and NEA Jazz Master has actually racked up a grand total of 19 GRAMMYs.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
Jay Z, a.k.a. Shawn Corey Carter, is considered to be among the many successful rap artist of every time. So, what does he have to show for it? A grand complete of 21 GRAMMY Awards!With a career extending over 3 decades, Jay Z has earned GRAMMY Awards for ideal Rap Song, finest Rap Performance, and Best Music Video.The only other artist with 21 golden gramophone trophies is his fellow Watch The Throne collaborator, Kanye West.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.Photo:© Gonzales Photo/Terje Dokken/The Hell Gate/Corbis
This Texas-born beauty climbed to fame v Destiny's child in the so late 1990s and has been unstoppable ever before since.Her solo debut album,Dangerously In Love,won 5 GRAMMY Awards in 2003, and Queen Bey hasn't slowed down since. In 2015 alone, Beyoncé left the 57th yearly GRAMMY Awards through the best R&B song andBest R&B power Awards for "Drunk In Love" v her husband, Jay Z, and also the best Surround Sound Album award forBeyoncé.John Williams Chick Corea, and also U2 are the only other artists with 22 complete GRAMMY Awards.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
due to the fact that this ireland rock band's beginning in 1976, U2 has actually maintained a distinctive sound. Their combination of epic vocals and a range of melodic instruments have garnered the team a grand complete of 22 GRAMMY Awards, which is an ext than any other band.John Williams and Chick Corea space the only other artists with 22 total GRAMMY Awards.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
together with Russian pianist and composer Vladimir Samoylovich Horowitz, Stevie Wonderis among only two human being to win 25 GRAMMY Awards.This soulful singer/songwriter/producer is the male behind hits prefer "Sir Duke," "You room The Sunshine Of my Life," and "Superstition," and added the Lifetime achievement Award come his GRAMMY collection in 1996.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.
This French composer, conductor, writer, and pianist played a vital role in the advancement of integral serialism, regulated chance, and electronic music.Structures, the most visible of his serialized works, was ahuge transforming point in this musical genius' career. Installing a selection of parameters the his pieces' constructions quite than only pitch, Boulez helped send the musical people into discovery and also use of various instrumental dynamics.Pierre Boulez, known as a "keystone that 20th century music," is the just artist to currently hold a total of 26 GRAMMY Awards.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.Photo: © SIGI TISCHLER/epa/Corbis
with a job spanning six decades, this record producer/conductor/arranger/composer has effectively crossed over and into almost all aspects of the entertainment industry.From arranging and also conducting jazz come working with pop's best names and also composing movie scores, Jones possess an astounding 27 GRAMMY Awards, consisting of the GRAMMY Legend Award, which he received in 1991.The only other artist with 27 GRAMMY Awards come her name is well known fiddler Alison Krauss.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.

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Some have come close, but, therefore far, no other artist has been able to touch teacher Georg Solti's GRAMMY wins.This orchestral and operatic conductor showed up with opera companies across Europe and served as the music director of the famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra for an ext than 20 years. Solti's job includes more than 250 recordings, 45 complete opera sets, and, that course, 31 GRAMMY Awards.Stream the 2017 GRAMMY Awards on-demand.Photo:© Bettmann/CORBIS