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Our system has returned the complying with pages indigenous the Dell Inspiron N7110 data we have actually on file.Please usage the box over to find for any kind of other information.

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Page 70 ... Your operating system.Turn turn off your computer system to the computer and remove any kind of newly included internal hardware. NOTE: If Dell DataSafe Local backup is not obtainable on your computer, use Dell DataSafe Local back-up to reclaim your hard drive come the operation state it was in all the tools (USB... drive, printer, and also so on page 73) to :• Backup and restore your computer.2. Dell DataSafe local Backup allows you to reclaim your...

Page 73 ... Computer and shot again.71If possible, back up all data top top the hard drive and removes any type of programs or vehicle drivers installed after ~ you got your computer. Beginning Dell factory Image Restore1. Restoring Your operation SystemDell factory Image RestoreCAUTION: making use of Dell manufacturing facility Image gain back to regain your operating device permanently deletes all data before...

Page 79 ... The invoice and also a letter describing the factor for her region, check out "Contacting Dell" on page 65).4. Shed removable media that you have run and any other storage an equipment in the product. Include a copy of her confidential, proprietary or an individual information; or ...cable, software, guides, and so on the outside of the Diagnostics Checklist (see "Dell Diagnostics" on web page 83.2. Include any type of accessories the you earlier up any type of data ~ above the hard drive(s) and also on any error messages report by Dell Diagnostics (see "Diagnostic Checklist" on web page 82), indicating the exam that might be ...

Page 5 11 Wireless Mini-Card(s 45Removing the Mini-Card(s 45 replacing the Mini-Card(s 4712 Hard Drive 49Removing the Hard Drive 49 replacing the Hard Drive 51A Subwoofer 53Removing the Subwoofer 53 replacing the Subwoofer 5413 standing Light plank 57Removing the status Light board 57 replacing the status Light plank 5814 speakers 61Removing the speaker 61 instead of the speaker 6215 Thermal pan 65Removing the Thermal fan 65Contents5
Page 49 ... Or in "Before girlfriend Begin" on web page 9. 2 Remove the battery (see "Removing the Battery" on page 15) before removing the hard-drive assembly.Hard Drive49CAUTION: Hard drives space installing a hard drive from a source other 보다 Dell, friend remove the hard drive from the computer when the drive is hot, carry out not touch the metal housing of the hard drive. NOTE: If girlfriend are incredibly fragile.CAUTION...
Page 50 CAUTION: when the hard drive is not in the computer, keep it indigenous the connector on web page 31).6 Remove the 3 screws that secure the hard-drive assembly to the computer system base.7 slide the hard-drive assembly to disconnect that in security antistatic packaging (see "Removing the Palm-Rest Assembly" top top the system board.8 lift the hard-drive assembly out of the computer system base.5 Remove the palm-rest assembly (see "Protecting against Electrostatic Discharge" in the security instructions the shipped v your computer).50Hard Drive2 1
Page 51 ... Secure the hard-drive bracket come the connector on page 9. 2 Remove the brand-new hard drive indigenous its packaging.1 hard-drive assembly2 screws (3)9 Remove the four screws that secure the hard-drive bracket come the harddrive. 5 location the hard-drive assembly ~ above the computer base. 6 on slide the hard-drive assembly to attach it come the hard drive.10 background the hard-drive bracket off the hard drive.3 2 11 hard drive 3 screws (4)2 hard-drive bracketReplacing the Hard Drive1 Follow...
Page 70 9 follow the accuse from step 6 to step 8 in "Removing the Hard Drive" on page 49.10 Remove the thermal fan (see "Removing the thermal Fan" on web page 65). 11 Disconnect the speak cable, subwoofer cable, status-light plank cable,camera cable, and also AC-adapter connector cable from the connectors ~ above the device board. 12 background the connector latch that secures the display screen cable come the connector ~ above the system board and disconnect the screen cable. 13 Remove the 6 screws that secure the mechanism board come the computer system base.7615 23470System board
Page 72 ... Coin-Cell Battery" on page 75).17 Remove the thermal cooling assembly (see "Removing the thermal Cooling Assembly" on page 81).18 Remove the processor (see "Replacing the Keyboard" on web page 85). Replacing the device Board1 follow the indict in "Before you Begin" on page 9. 2 replace the processor (... Board. 11 change the thermal pan (see "Replacing the heat Fan" on web page 66). 12 monitor the instructions from step 5 to step 7 in "Replacing the Hard Drive" on web page 51. 13 replace the palm-rest assembly (see "Replacing the Palm-Rest Assembly" on page 35). 14 replace the keyboard (see...

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