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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Cheats for PlayStation 3

Trophies Trophy together Super Saiyan 2 teen Gohan, win against Perfect Cell with Ultimate Attack, "Father-Son Kamehameha". Shoot turn off as numerous as balls as possible in mini-game. Complete all of the battle Zones. complete the first Battle Zone. Reach your 50th fight in digital battle. struggle 10 time in 1P vs. 2P battle. collect all items. win the cabinet Games. Champion the Cell gamings on tough Difficulty. Unlock every characters and also forms. Summoned Shenron for the an initial time. clock Credits roll Complete fight in Galaxy setting for the an initial time. find a concealed route in a battle Zone. Complete much more than 10 characters in Galaxy Mode. using Super Saiyan Goku, Win against Full strength Frieza through Ultimate Attack, "Angry Kamehameha". Collect much more than 30 illustrations. utilizing Majin Vegeta, win versus Majin Buu v Ultimate Attack, "Final Explosion". Unlock every costumes. finish "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy setting for the very first time. finish the first Ultimate Zone. attain Rank S++ for the an initial time. complete Tutorial until the end. finish all personalities in Galaxy Mode. use every type of every transformable personality at least once. earn 30 to win in virtual battle. utilizing Android #17 and also Android #18, win versus Super Saiyan Future Gohan with combination technique. (Team at sight Attack) Get every one of the game BGM. Complete more than 40 characters in Galaxy Mode. Complete much more than 50 personalities in Galaxy Mode. struggle in one online battle for the very first time. earn 5 casualty in digital battle. Obtain every one of the trophies. Collect more than 100 illustrations. Complete more than 30 personalities in Galaxy Mode. knife 300 challenge Stamps in a fight Zone. Summoned Porunga because that the very first time. success 50 time in 1P vs. CPU battle. win 20 time in 1P vs. CPU battle. collect 10 or more titles. collection 100 or much more titles. collection 50 or more titles. struggle on all maps. view all character file in the Museum"s character Encyclopedia. Complete every one of the can be fried Zones. victory the human being Tournament. Champion of civilization Tournament on tough Difficulty. Complete much more than 20 personalities in Galaxy Mode. Collect an ext than 250 illustrations. Win against Yamcha v the Saibamen making use of the can be fried Attack, "Saibamen Bomb".
A post From Goku
Ball Master
Battle King
Battle Start!
Best Friends
Capsule corporation Founded!
Cell games Champ
Cell gamings True Champ
Character Complete
Come Forth, Shenron!!
Destroyed a Formidable Foe!
East Galaxy
End that Everything
Famous Scene
Farewell to the Proud Warrior
Fashion Complete
First Galaxy!
First step to Ultimate
Fruits of Training
Fundamentals are Vital
Galactic Domination!!
I Wanna Fight who Stronger!
Lone Warrior
Music Complete
North Galaxy
Off-the-charts Warrior!
Please Go easy on Me
Power Level...of 5...

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Raging Blast
Reward Mania
South Galaxy
Stamp Rally
The work of fight Continue...
The Fight has Just Begun
Title Collector
Title Hunter
Title Seeker
Training Journey
Trivia King
Ultimate amongst Ultimates
W.Tournament Champ
W.Tournament True Champ
West Galaxy
Wonderful Memory
Yamcha"s Premonition
Contributed by: shinlonewolf, safety Master, Mookiethebold

All covert Routes for the battle Zones!

When clearing the war Zones, sometimes it will certainly be important to meet specific conditions to unlock the hidden routes that will permit you to reach an alternative Climax stage boss. These should be clearing in stimulate to acquire a 100% price in certain Battle Zones. - A and also B refer to which route you need to take, A gift the left and also B the right. - Character, items, score, health, and the time take away to end up the fight do not count towards unlocking the covert routes. - because that the zones, inquiry the combo come unlock the surprise route, the combo can be excellent anyway possible at any allude during the fight, exactly how you finish the struggle is irrelevant.

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Unlockable stage 2 - loss Recoome with the can be fried Attack. phase 2 - loss Android #14 with a at sight Attack. stage 3B - Defeat child Trunks if in Raging Soul. phase 4A - during your fight with Cell floor a combo that at least 20 hits. stage 1 - Defeat teenager Gohan v the can be fried Attack. stage 3 - defeat Bardock with a at sight Attack. phase 3 - loss Frieza v the can be fried Attack. phase 3 - during your fight with Dore land a combo the at least 20 hits. stage 3A - defeat Super Trunks v a supervisor Attack. stage 3B - loss Goten when in Raging Soul.
Circle zone - covert Route
Spherical region - hidden Route
Spiral region - concealed Route
Triangle zone - concealed Route
Ultimate one Zone - concealed Route
Ultimate last Zone - hidden Route
Ultimate Lozenge zone - covert Route
Ultimate Spherical ar - surprise Route
Ultimate Spiral zone - covert Route
Ultimate Triangle ar - surprise Route

Contributed by: Neophenom

Unlock personalities

You should beat Galaxy setting boss missions to unlock characters. Personality unlocking is excellent randomly as well as Hatchiyack, whose technique of unlocking is noted below.

Unlockable clock the Dragon sphere Z the setup to eradicate the at sight saiyan!

Contributed by: Super666spawn, Yayakaboom