Quick Facts
Birth DateNovember 30,1967
Full NameJennifer Ashley Harper
Birth NameJennifer Ashley Harper
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth Country united States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDave Matthews
No of Children3
EducationSt. Stithians college high school


Jennnifer Ashley Harper is not a celebrity, but not less than a celebrity. She concerned the limelight together the supportive mam of Dave Matthews.

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Harper"s prominence rose to fame after ~ she shared her romantic life through an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, Matthews.

Get come know around celebrity wife Jennifer in the following sections.

Who is Jennifer Ashley Harper?

Jennifer Ashley was born top top 30 November 1967 in the United says to the Harperfamily. Yet information around her family background has never come under the radar of the general public or media.

Ashley stop American citizenship, whereas she ethnicity is White. Concerning her educational background, there room no details about her school or university.

On the other hand, she husband Dave graduated from St. Stithians university High school in 1985.

Jennifer Ashley and Dave Matthews" Married Life

Well, Jennifer and Dave are amongst the instance celebrity couple. The pair has been with each other for more than a decade.

Image: Jennifer Ashley Harper and also Dave Matthews space married since 2000.Source: Pinterest

Ashley and also Matthews bound the wedding node in 2000 after continuing to be in a romantic partnership for several years. Lock exchanged the vows privately. So, thorough information regarding the marital relationship still lacks.

Now, Mr. And Mrs. Matthews room in a successful marital relationship. As of 2021, they space married because that 21-years (more 보다 2 decades).

Moreover, your love story has always been a success indigenous the beginning of your wedding. To date, there room no rumors of getting a divorce and separation.

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Dave and Jennifer"s Children

From the strong nuptials, the married pair share three children altogether. She welcomed their an initial twin daughters called Stella Busina and Grace anne on 15 respectable 2001.

Picture: Jennifer Ashley Harperwith she husband and also three children, Stella, Grace, and also August Oliver.Source: Pinterest

Similarly, they invited their son respectable Oliver ~ above 19 June 2007.

As of now, this lovely and cute-looking couple lives a happy life in addition to their children in Seattle, Washington. Choose Jennifer, her kids are likewise gathering fame together celebrity kids.

Just like Jennifer, Julie Dorenbos, and Nicole Tuck additionally got fame through the assist of she partner.

What is Jennifer Ashley Harper"s network Worth?

As we already knew, Jennifer Ashleycame to fame just since of she husband, Dave. To date, she has actually not disclosed she work and profession come the media. Hence it is very difficult to suspect her network worth and also salary in ~ the moment.

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On the various other hand, Ashley Harper"s husband, Dave Matthews, has a network worth that $300 million as of 2021. Likewise, the made this entire earning native his skilled music career, making him the wealthiest rockstar. Apart from that, the is the largest owner of land in Virginia, USA.

Snap: Jennifer Ashley Harper"s husband, Dave, at advantage Show, "Stand through Standing Rock."

However, her partner, Dave, has accumulated worth sufficient to create his own business. Also, we deserve to assume she might be doing some organization or work.

Or the other truth may be that, as she has actually children, she could be busy taking treatment of her children. Or the other reality might be the she might be liven taking treatment of she kids.

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Currently, Jennifer is surely life the happiest and also luxurious life together with her family.