Vintage Daisy waiting Rifle

After the civil War, weapons factory owners realized the no war supposed no profits. Therefore they come up through the idea to change bullets through sound-making caps and sell the guns as a new item.

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Those guns were loud, but they didn't shooting anything. The was solved by harnessing pneumatic an innovation to make air rifles that blasted sphere bearings of 0.18 customs (a size halfway in between B and BBB shotgun shoot -> BB gun).In 1888, the floundering Plymouth iron Windmill Co. In Michigan chose to encompass a BB gun as a freebie through every farmer's order, and also in two years, Plymouth had actually shut under windmill production and also was production 50,000 Daisy wait Rifles a year, "daisy" being the "awesome" the 1888.

The noteworthy thing about turn-of-the-century Daisy-type guns, stated Penn State history professor Gary Cross, is that these "toys" to be marketed to adults. One 1890 brochure billed its air rifle together "just the point to do the neighbor's cat scratch and growl and also doggy fly because that home"; another similar rifle to be advertised together a parlor game. Insect control and also family entertainment, not shoot-'em-ups in the back yard.

One of the most well known BB guns is the Red Ryder BB total by Daisy the end Products, modeled ~ the western Winchester rifle. First introduced in 1938, the BB gun came to be an iconic American toy, and also is tho in manufacturing today.

What it"s worth?

Vintage Daisy waiting Rifles are highly collectible. A rarely 1937 Daisy version 104 double Barrel was offered for $1300 in April 2019.

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Updated: 28 September 2021

Daisy wait Rifle value and price guide

What"s your Daisy wait Rifle worth in 2021? below are some freshly sold items.

Item Title day Price
Nos Daisy Bb Gun clean Kit Plymouth Mi metal Box 30410/2021$119.99
Daisy Bb Gun air Rifle Takedown screwdriver On Original09/2021$39.99
Daisy Bb Gun wait Rifle Takedown screwdriver On Original09/2021$39.99
Reproduction steel Sign because that Red Ryder Cowboy Carbine10/2021$18.99
Daisy Powerline 880s 177 Caliber waiting Rifle Scope10/2021$55.00
See all solditems top top eBay for an ext prices11/2021$-.--

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