I have actually question regarding custom duty ~ above LED TV's the are brought to India native abroad.

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Here is my situation:


I have purchased LED tv of 42 customs in Europe and I would choose to take it it to INDIA with me. I have used it for one year and I desire to take it ago as a an individual item.

I have actually invoice of acquisition confirming the date and also price of the item.

Can you please let me know just how much customizeds I have to pay because that this, if i take this come India.

I paid 425EURO.

A an easy google search reveled the LED/LCD space not counted for duty cost-free baggage. Hence are not extended unde duty free allowance that 45K. Am ns correct?


Your input will be of an excellent value come me.



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Doha, Qatar
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1.Re: Question concerning custom duty top top LED TV's
6 years ago
I expect this thread will answer her question.


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Maastricht, The...
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2.Re: Question regarding custom duty on LED TV's
6 year ago
Hi Jac,

The forum you have mentioned is also not complete. But it walk share update information about free baggage allowance in instance of TV's.

Now ns am looking for information about used product (as this is the case with me) and also for NRI's who space going earlier to India for an excellent reasons.

I heard that in these cases we have to pay just 15% the the value and likewise the worth will it is in assessed after ~ deducting depreciation worth of the product.

If any kind of one have the right to confirm this, then it would be of an excellent help

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Sherikar S
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3.Re: Question about custom duty on LED TV's
6 years ago
hi, am taking a toshiba 40 customs smart led tv from ukraine to india, tv expenses 475 USD, i m sorry i have used for 4 months, how much custom duty charge will certainly be?

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Navi Mumbai, India
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4.Re: Question regarding custom duty top top LED TV's
6 years ago

check this site. I guess it means your custom-mades duty will certainly be 35% plus cess on the value identified by the customs agent.

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Mumbai, India
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5.Re: Question concerning custom duty on LED TV's
6 years ago
Most most likely you should have the ability to bring that for free as lengthy as friend don't have any other dutiable item. I think the complimentary allowance is about $500.

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Mumbai, India
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6.Re: Question about custom duty on LED TV's
6 years ago
AFAIK girlfriend cannot bring TV's for free to India anymore. If girlfriend do obtain LCD/LED's from abroad, girlfriend will should pay duty on the price that the very same product in India or what the personalizeds Officer identify its value to be. The acquisition price the the product is immaterial. This law was spreading a couple of years back to avoid tourists indigenous buying cheaper TV sets indigenous Singapore and Dubai.

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7.Re: Question regarding custom duty on LED TV's
5 years ago

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Emirate that Dubai...
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8.Re: Question regarding custom duty ~ above LED TV's
5 years ago
Dear .

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hopefully ns shifting earlier to mumbai by first week that feb. I m plan to get 49 inch lg tv. Just how much i do must pay for custom in mumbai airport. Please answer if anyone can help me

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1 post
9.Re: Question concerning custom duty ~ above LED TV's
5 year ago
hi I like to take 46 customs LED TV come India so how much I need to pay for the customizeds I paid because that this item only $600 so how much I need to pay Indian money for taxation please allow me know thank you

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mohamad z
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10.Re: Question regarding custom duty on LED TV's
4 years ago
Sumsong 40\"Tv 3D&Wi-fi

Helo Sar

Is ka india main custome

Is ki price Saudi riyal 2200

Offer key liyatha

Mumbai Airport main custome kitna hoga Sar please answer karo. Thanks

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