The main problem in "The Cask of Amontillado" is that in between Fortunato and also his arch-nemesis Montresor. The conflict is resolved as soon as Montresor death Fortunato by walling that up alive inside the Montresor family members catacombs.

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"The Cask the Amontillado " is a story of excessive revenge in which a guy dies in among the many frightening methods that have the right to be imagined. Provided this premise, the story is surprisingly lacking in overt conflict. Fortunato goes willingly in the direction of his death and does no protest or...

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"The Cask the Amontillado" is a tale of too much revenge in i m sorry a guy dies in one of the many frightening ways that deserve to be imagined. Offered this premise, the story is surprisingly lacking in overt conflict. Fortunato walk willingly in the direction of his death and also does no protest or struggle until that is too late. Nor does there appear to be any internal conflict in Montresor, who does not question that the "thousand injuries the Fortunato" have merited this grisly death.

Given that the conflict between Montresor and also Fortunato is mysterious and also may be completely the product the Montresor"s creativity (since Fortunato seems blithely unaware that it), Montresor has to keep engineering conflicts throughout the story to override any doubts or suspicions Fortunato might otherwise have. This he does really skillfully, discovering Fortunato"s weaknesses: his stubborn pride and his vanity about his knowledge of wine.

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The very first conflict Montresor sets up in this method involves Luchesi, a rival connoisseur that wine. Fortunato angrily dismisses the idea the Luchesi has actually a "critical turn" wherein wines are concerned and insists ~ above accompanying Montresor to his vault. The following time Montresor sets up another conflict the this kind, he even adds Luchesi together a grace note at the end, come make quite sure the Fortunato will oppose him:

"Come," i said, v decision, "we will go back; your wellness is precious. You space rich, respected, admired, beloved; you room happy, as when I was. You are a man to be missed. Because that me the is no matter. We will certainly go back; you will certainly be ill, and I can not be responsible. Besides, over there is Luchesi—"

Montresor, therefore, creates conflicts along the means as lock go through the vaults, to do Fortunato the most powerful advocate for his own destruction.