Like most major comic companies, Marvel has frequently mined the wells the the animal kingdom for part characters. Planet Nerd Adkins walk a an excellent list of some of the little known animal-based characters and also I to be going come highlight some that still aren’t the many well known yet are perhaps a bit an ext mainstream.

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Animal-Themed Marvel Characters

1. Tigra

Tigra is an Avengers and also mainstay on the Avengers West shore roster because that years. Many recently, she has shown up together an instructor because that the Avengers Academy.

And Tigra is suitably named, having actually an appearance favor a tiger and a power collection that fits the mold, largely agility, magnified senses and also claws.

2. Lockjaw

Lockjaw is an exciting character to put on this list because he has actually been treated various means by authors over the years. The is mostly presented to be a pet come the Inhumans yet some writers have actually chosen to write him as a male whose Inhuman mutation renders him look like a dog.

His strength set? completely not dog-related; the is the key teleporter for the Inhumans.

3. The Serpent Society

I am cheating right here by acquisition a entirety team. Yet one the my favourite runs of any kind of comic era is mark Gruenwald’s operation on Captain America during the 1980s and 1990s. Among the antagonists of the era to be the Serpent Society.

The perform of the personalities in the Serpent Society’s history is massive. In general, it is safe to assume that if a character had a snake theme, castle have been in this team at the very least once. Most notable is Diamondback, that turned into a hero because that a while and also dated Steve Rogers, making she the many punk rock of Captain America’s ladies.

4. Toad

Toad is famed for many of the human being by being zapped by Storm in one of the worst pieces of dialogue ever written through Joss Whedon.

But most recently, Toad has shown up in the terrific Wolverine and also the Avengers run created by Jason Aaron. That serves together the janitor and a much more human side is displayed to him, as he is simply a man with a deforming strength that is a huge gross (long tongue and also jumping ability) that simply wants to it is in loved and cared for.

And as an old-school X-men villain, he goes method back to the first Brotherhood of evil Mutants!

5. Vulture

So, for many eras, the world of superheroics is overcame by young heroes. However Vulture was standing out, together an old guy Spiderman fights in a variety of situations. A criminal that builds a fit that deserve to make him fly, he is foiled in crime sprees through Spidey many the time and also other street level heroes at others. But senior citizens represent.

He to be reimagined because that Spider-man: Homecoming to fantastic results.

6. Armadillo

I’ve long loved the story the Armadillo, a criminal who in bespeak to conserve his mam for condition agrees come let an evil scientist experiment on him, transforming him right into a large armadillo. His strength, armor and claws made him an amazing case.

And if storage serves, after ~ the whole “I did it to save my wife” thing was worked out, he functioned for for bit in a superhuman rings federation, which would be the biggest thing ever.

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7. Howard the Duck

The legends room true. In the 1980s, Marvel comics to be seized by Duck fever. ~ a character the was meant merely to it is in satirical was easily killed off, fans demanded the return. The foul mouthed grasp of Quack Fu to be Deadpool before Deadpool existed.

His presence in the after credits that Guardians the the Galaxy to be some major fan service and Marvel is quickly to start a collection with the character again in the loss of 2015. And also the finish song because that the 1980s movie is a point of beauty.