When you rotate on your TV, you check out a blue display with a article saying \"One moment Please, this channel need to be accessible shortly.\"


This message will appear on the tv in the event that you lose the signal comes from and going right into your set-top box. Due to the fact that there room many feasible causes that might create this issue, that is ideal to narrow down how many TVs this message is showing up on.

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Message appears on every TVs

Message appears on a solitary TV


One moment Please - all TVs

If you are seeing the post \"One moment Please, this channel need to be obtainable shortly\" on every TVs in her house, check every one of the following:

Make sure your invoice payment is no overdue:

Make certain your residence amplifier is plugged right into power.

If you have a house amplifier or if friend remember a technician explaining that you have a item of tools that will aid to rise your cable signal, please check to certain the power supply is currently plugged in come power.


Note: not all customers have a home amplifier mounted so this might not use to you.

One minute Please – single TV

If you room seeing \"One moment Please, this channel have to be easily accessible shortly\" article on just one TV in your house and you have actually other TVs the are right now working, please try the following:

Reset her set-top box.

Disconnect the power to the set-top box by one of two people unplugging the power cord indigenous the wall surface outlet or native the ago of the cable box. Transforming off the power will NOT reset the set-top box. Wait 15 to 30 seconds. Reconnect the strength to the set-top crate by either plugging the power cord ago into the wall surface outlet or into the earlier of the set-top box. Wait two to 4 minutes because that the set-top box to reset. You re welcome note: The program overview data might be missing for 20 come 30 minute after resetting the set-top box.

Check video connections:

Tighten any loosened coaxial (threaded) cables to your set-top box or TV. Monitor the cable from her set-top box to the wall outlet to ensure the cable has actually not been frayed, chewed, chipped, cut, or pulled loosened from the connector plugs.

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Check because that a splitter:

Attempt come tighten all relationships going into the splitter. Does tightening the relations resolve the issue?

Have you relocated your set-top box? If you have recently moved your set-top crate to a new room or outlet and this message appears, the outlet might not it is in active. Your set-top crate will display screen a \"One moment Please, this channel must be available shortly\" article if the outlet is no active. To activate a new outlet, provide Customer service a call at 541-382-5551 for this reason we have the right to schedule who to assist you with activating the brand-new outlet.

Check every connections

Check to make certain that the coaxial cable comes from the wall is connected to the exactly input on package (i.e. The port significant \"cable in\" or \"RF in.\")