Couple Clint and Lisa Hartman Black have actually been with each other for a very long time. As Country Living notes, the two met every the method back on brand-new Year"s eve in 1990, once the actress attended one of the nation star"s concert in Houston, TX — the city where, coincidentally, they"re also both originally from. Black was emotion overwhelmed. Backstage, a whole slew of pan were wait to speak to him, and also the singer-songwriter was wondering, "How am ns going to stand here and also be a pleasant guy when on the inside I"m freaking out?"

However, the atmosphere changed instantly when his manager presented Lisa Hartman, v whom Black instantly felt a connection. "Anyone would certainly be taken by she looks but she to be a really, yes, really pleasant person and I didn"t know her native Eve. I"d never ever seen her movies. All ns knew was that she to be a TV actress," the admitted.

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Country Living reports the two ongoing to make time because that each other over the subsequent years, together friends, prior to things inevitably turned romantic. "I knew intuitively the she can be trusted with my heart and my life," black color revealed. Just ten months and also 20 work after the initial meeting, on Oct. 20, 1991, the couple got married top top Black"s 180-acre Texas farm. 25 years later, in 2016, the couple credited their unbreakable bond with maintaining both of their exceptional careers afloat, too.

Black advises his text are frequently inspired by his wife, admitting, "When we gained married, my volume to feel deepened. Our marriage, who we room together, travel guide me." They"ve collaborated on songs numerous times and also have also appeared in movie together. Since daughter Lily come along, the actress"s career has actually taken a backseat, therefore the pair jump in ~ the chance to job-related together. "Get us together and also we"re enjoy it life," Black explained simply.

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The reality that these two not only discovered each other yet made it work-related is no tiny feat, particularly since Hartman-Black admitted come People that prior to meeting she husband, "The assumed of safety my totality life with simply one human didn"t make sense to me." black himself admitted, "I constantly liked the idea that a relationship, but with my schedule, it never worked out." kids weren"t in the arrangement either, together both recognized to Good Housekeeping.

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However, they know how to roll with the punches at this stage, crediting the longevity that their relationship to a common sense the humor. "We proceed to laugh," Hartman Black described simply. In ~ the main point of that all, though, they simply love each other"s company. "Even if we"re simply laying about the residence on a merganser day, continuing to be in bed, anything we do as soon as it"s just the two of united state is heaven," black revealed.