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Quip - CrackQuip - WisecrackQuip - Witty remarkQuip - WitticismQuip - Groucho remarkQuip - Common bumper-sticker phraseQuip - Bumper sticker expression, usuallyQuip - Stand-up fodderQuip - It"s shorter than a one-linerQuip - Leno lineQuip - Wit"s renote, oftenQuip - Clever before commentQuip - Wilde remarkQuip - Clever before remarkQuip - Bumper sticker contents, oftenQuip - Will rogers forteQuip - Witty commentQuip - Bon motQuip - One-linerQuip - Crack wiseQuip - Witty one-linerQuip - Funny commentQuip - Smart remarkQuip - Wit"s remarkQuip - Wag"s wordsQuip - Witty bitQuip - Will rogers specialtyQuip - Bit of reparteeQuip - Comical commentQuip - Bit of marx"s legacyQuip - Bit of witQuip - Comment from jon stewartQuip - Wise words?Quip - Bit of banterQuip - Witty lineQuip - Witty or sarcastic remarkQuip - A witty or sarcastic remarkQuip - E can his fit up with a jokeQuip - In france, that quietly delivers a bon mot?Quip - Sarcastic remarkQuip - JestQuip - Witty sayingQuip - Clever before quoteQuip - One-liner, oftenQuip - Marx observationQuip - Words of hopeQuip - Many type of a tweeted remarkQuip - Short witticismQuip - Funny piece of equipmentQuip - Crack from press after endmuch less questioningQuip - West afrideserve to countryQuip - Ill-equipped to seal crackQuip - SallyQuip - Part of the psycheQuip - Parisian who initially plastered crackQuip - Crack outfit through no leaderQuip - Most of pack in power make clever observationsQuip - Crack supply, however no ecstasyQuip - Funny lineQuip - Quick witty sayingQuip - Fast jokeQuip - A few of the devices is a jokeQuip - GibeQuip - Be the jester, who in marseille has prankster"s hatQuip - Lacking energy, supply gibeQuip - JokeQuip - Off-the-cuff jokeQuip - Witty saying, a wisecrackQuip - Steven wright"s "i intend to live forever. so far, so good," e.gQuip - Instance of levityQuip - W. c. fields"s "i am free of all prejudice.

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i hate everyone equally," e.gQuip - Wit"s end?Quip - With leader gone, supply witticismQuip - Clever before one-linerQuip - Remark from grouchoQuip - Witty tweet, e.gQuip - Jocrucial quoteQuip - Brief pique ruined joke

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