Looking because that the creamiest, tangiest, many delicious nonfat yogurt to eat, mix, or cook with? our taste sprout did the job-related for you.

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It’s no mystery that plain nonfat yogurt is a ZeroPoint™ food on myWW+™ Blue and Purple to plan (hooray!). It’s perfect together either a protein-packed snack or full-on breakfast. WW editor were established to discover the finest ones for each of your simple needs amongst the plethora of ranges on the market.

Before acquiring into the results, you should understand that all plain, nonfat yogurt is not developed equal. It comes in a couple of different types: regular, Greek, and also Skyr, and each one deserve to satisfy details needs and tastes:

Regular: This familiar type of yogurt is made by thickening milk with gelatin or milk powder, or evaporating it. Once the milk is thick, the pasteurized (to save it for sure for eating) and also homogenized (to save it creamy). Lastly, cultures—living organisms, sometimes called probiotics—are included to adjust the milk’s herbal sugar (lactose) right into lactic acid, which thickens the milk also more.Greek: Made likewise to continual yogurt, the distinction is that Greek yogurt is strained to concentrate its solids and remove several of the whey. The takes around three times much more milk to do Greek yogurt than consistent yogurt.Skyr: Yogurt and also Skyr space both cultured dairy product products, however the cultures used to do them space different. The societies used because that Skyr provide a creamy mouth-feel, if yogurt cultures administer a sour, tart taste. Skyr is additionally much more thickness and an ext densely focused than various other yogurts. That takes practically four cups of milk come make simply one cup of Skyr.


After sampling 10 brands that consisted of all 3 of these varieties of yogurt, we chose the following, based upon plain yogurt tastes and needs:

Best plain yogurt: trader Joe’s 0% plain Greek Yogurt

This different grocery’s save brand beat the other, much more popular national brands in ours taste test. Ours testers defined it as having actually “a quite consistency” and also “not as well thick, not too thin.” In addition, testers gave it high marks because that taste and also texture.

Creamiest level yogurt: Siggi’s 0% plain Skyr

Looking for something with a little an ext heft? Siggi’s should be your brand-new go-to. That is tangy flavor provides it an excellent on its own or through toppings, and as a good base for dips. Our testers said it would be “great mixed with part fresh fruit.”

When you’re looking for some excitement: businessman Joe’s 0% level Icelandic style Yogurt

Trader Joe’s landed 2 spots on ours top five list—and deservedly so. Their Icelandic yogurt is smooth and also flavorful. Tasters claimed this has actually a “strong, tangy flavor that woke up taste buds.”

Heartiest level yogurt: Fage 0% level Greek Yogurt

Our tasters explained this choice as “thick, creamy, and filling.” It has a bit much more of a pucker beat to it 보다 the trader Joe’s Greek, yet can still be supplied as a base because that fruit or granola. 

Best level yogurt to eat sans toppings: green Mountain Creamery 0% level Greek Yogurt

Green mountain Creamery’s Greek yogurt isn’t as thick together the rather on our list, however our testers loved its “smooth texture.” Its mild taste provides it a good choice because that dips. Green Mountain Creamery uses only rBST-free grade A milk, and all of its products are normally gluten-free (some Greek yogurts might contain additive that include gluten).

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Best level yogurt to chef with: Stonyfield necessary 0% Fat Smooth & Creamy Plain

Our tasters detailed that while it didn’t have actually a many flavor, it had actually a “super creamy” texture and was “good to mix into something.” us recommend conserving this one for cooking.

Whichever yogurt girlfriend choose, chances are girlfriend won’t constantly be eating it through itself. Right here are a dozen things to do with yogurt!