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I am going to be instead of my Camshaft position Sensor and my Crankshaft place Sensor on my 89 S10 2.2 truck. I know one that the sensors is situated by my coil packs (I can"t remember i beg your pardon one though), however I can"t remember whereby the other one is located. Might someone one help me v the areas of the Camshaft place Sensor as well as the ar of the Crankshaft position Sensor, please?

2.2 to be not available in 1989. 2.2 to be not presented until 1994 iircanywho, there space some pretty an excellent pics in this thread. sensor come the ideal of coils in pic is video camer sensorBelow the coil packs is the crank sensor.Why are you going to change them ?
:bowtie:1992 rcsb 4.3,at 357,000 miles. Rust in Peace2000 Jimmy 4x4 4dr. 255,000 miles 2002 rcsb, 2.2 at, 289,000miles1967 C102006 Colorado
Crap, I have a 98 S10 2.2l, not an 89, sorry about that. It"s a long story regarding why I want to replace them. I"m inputting this increase on mine fone, so once I acquire home I"ll tell friend why I want to do it.

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As for what"s wrong v my truck, I relocated out to Odessa, Texas indigenous the Santa Barbara, California area late March that this year. I work in the oilfields the end here. As soon as I to be driving earlier to mine apartment (On a Friday), from a rig i was functioning on, I came to a protect against light; when I came to a stop my truck just started to die on me, bog down like it to be trying to stall the end on me. I kept having actually to push the gas to store it from totally stalling the end on me. Ns was able to gain it home, yet it fear the crap the end of me. Earlier in 2015 I had actually a brand-new motor put in my truck, I had actually this hiccup, hesitation, when I to be driving it. I changed the coil packs, spark plugs and also wires ~ above it to no avail. So, mine dad claimed to simply put a new motor in it, and he"d assist me pay for it. As soon as they got the new motor placed in my truck, they called me come say the it was done, however there was a hiccup as soon as they did your test drive. I freaked out, I simply dropped $5500 right into putting the brand-new motor in mine truck, to deal with the hiccup! i took mine grandmother"s car and also I went straight to the Chevy dealership the was working on mine truck. Us went back and forth as to what the difficulty was, as soon as again to no avail. Then one of their enlarge mechanics came up to us to watch if he might lend a hand. We told him what to be going on, and also he recommended that we drive the truck down the street a few blocks, then get out and also disconnect the TPC sensor (Throttle Position regulate Sensor) and drive the back. Fine it ended up being the TPC sensor, LOL, a $5500 sensor!! After the the truck drove great!!Now back to Odessa, Texas. ~ I gained home, the following day I went to the local Chevy dealership, yet they claimed they don"t work-related on van older than 2000. So, I went to the GMC dealership down the street, and thankfully they claimed they can work on/ solve my truck. Therefore that complying with Monday ns dropped my truck off at the GMC dealership. I was able to go earlier to where they were working on mine truck, and I had the ability to talk to the mechanic; informing him what was going on v my truck and also asking that what he believed was wrong with it. The mechanic stated it might be a myriad the problems, but he would hook my truck to your computer and also go native there. After hooking it up to their computer, there wasn"t a problem code, and the "Check Engine" light wasn"t on. So, we chose to take it my truck because that a test drive, to check out if that would start acting up choose I described, and also naturally that didn"t. The mechanic claimed that based turn off of the details I offered him, the it sounded choose it was my fuel pump, and also he recommended that I readjust out my fuel pump. Ns hastily agreed and I likewise told him the my A/C never worked and also that I essential a brand-new compressor because that it. He said that the A/C compressor would be basic fix. I spent $2300 for the fuel pump and A/C compressor, and I picked my truck up that complying with Saturday. Around 2 hrs after getting my truck, and also driving it around, it started doing the very same shit again and also I was past pissed!! that was shedding all power, bogging down and trying come stall out on me, however this time the "Check Engine" light come on. I ended up having to obtain it towed ago to mine apartment that day. The following day i was may be to acquire it down to the local O"Reilly"s, to check out it they might read the codes, there was a TPS code and also a arbitrarily misfire code. The guy said to change the TPC sensor, so i bought a BWD TPC sensor through a restricted lifetime warranty. I had the ability to drive my truck home and I swapped them out and once again my ran fine. A few days later I was working at a different rig, and also it to be a bit heat that day, for this reason I retained my van running through the A/C on. ~ a few hours, ns noticed my truck sounded choose it was bogging down, and what sounded choose a not great sound comes from mine tail pipe (I can not really describe the sound, but it no sound good). I obtained in my truck and also saw that my “Check Engine” light to be blinking, ns freaked out and also turned my truck off. In ~ the finish of the day ns was able to begin my truck just fine, the “Check Engine” light wasn’t on too. Ns drove back to my apartment through no problems. I looked increase what the blinking “Check Engine” light meant, and this was the attach I found: The following day the “Check Engine” irradiate wasn’t on, and when ns drove mine truck, that drove just fine. And it drove simply fine because that the next couple of weeks. After that couple of weeks, when I was driving to a rig, mine truck started bogging down, shedding power, and the “Check Engine” light started blinking. Ns was maybe to get my truck limp come the rig, and a few days later when ns was released, i was able to gain my truck back to mine apartment, however the “Check Engine” light to be still on. Ns then take it it to a muffler shop, where they replaced my catalytic converter, and once again the van ran fine for a couple of days. Climate it started doing the exact same thing everywhere again, bogging down, shedding power, trying come stall out. So, ns took it come a local mechanic, to check out if he can do a tune-up on it. He changed the plugs, wires, and one the the coil packs. Ns went with the mechanic once he walk his check drive, and the van ran fine. So, after i paid for everything, ns drove it ago to my place. Ns was around a quarter of a mile from my place, driving it v the A/C on, as soon as my van just totally died on me, van turned off and also everything. Ns was maybe to obtain my truck started, and also there was no “Check Engine” irradiate or anything, and also I drive it earlier to my place. I had the ability to drive it because that a couple of days, climate it started doing the exact same shit again, bogging down, losing power, trying come stall the end on me! I pertained to my an extremely very very tiny mechanical knowledgeable conclusion that it was my fuel injectors walk bad. So, ns spent an additional $1000 having the fuel injectors replaced. The work I gained it ago the A/C was on, and I was able to drive it earlier to my place just fine, I lastly thought I obtained it fixed. But I was wrong!! Yesterday, as soon as I to be going come the Texas room of Public safety Office right here in Odessa, mine truck began doing the same ****ing thing again, bogging down, shedding power, trying come stall the end on me. Once I gained home ns took the wait intake plastic box point off, and I cleaned the end the accelerator body valve. I saw O’Rielly’s and bought a brand-new Idle Air regulate Valve (IAC Valve) and some cleaner because that the accelerator body valve. Once I was there i was talking to among the men that functioned there. I usually told him everything I’ve typed up here, and he claimed that it might be virtually anything. He stated that it can be the IAC Valve, that could additionally be the Camshaft place Sensor, or it might be the Crankshaft position Sensor. So, I also bought a brand-new Camshaft place Sensor and also a brand-new Crankshaft position Sensor.All I recognize is i am tired of security money ns really don’t have and also I’m tired of pulling my hair out trying to deal with my truck. I just stared a brand-new job through H&P Drilling, so ns really require my truck! I require my van to critical me, hopefully to the end of the year, as soon as I can buy me a new (Used) truck. I don’t know what is causing my van to bog down, shed power, and trying come stalling the end on me. I dubbed a friend of mine who owns a gas station earlier in California to view if it’s the gas out below in Texas resulting in all the problems, and he stated no. I simply don’t understand what to do, and it yes, really ****ing sucks!! But any kind of ways I’m about to go adjust the IAC Valve, clean my throttle body valve, and maybe readjust the Camshaft and also Crankshaft place Sensors. And also if all the doesn’t work, my following guess is to change both Oxygen Sensors.So far, because I moved out here, below is what I’ve had actually done/ fixed/ replaced/ repaired on my truck:Fuel Pump & A/C Compressor - $2300New TPC Sensor - $45New Catalytic Converter - $150Tune-Up (Plugs, Wires, Coil Pack) - $420New Fuel Injectors - $840New IAC Valve, CRC accelerator Body & waiting Intake Cleaner & CRC mass Air flow Sensor Cleaner - $92New Camshaft & Crankshaft place Sensors - $120I think I extended everything regarding what’s walk on with my truck, hopefully i didn’t forget anything. Sorry ns typed increase so much, I simply wanted to make sure I put every little thing down.If anyone has any idea of what might be wrong through my tuck, and also how to fix it, I would forever be indebted come you!! thank you in advance!!