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Hey guys, ns recently had actually to execute this on mine 08 Cobalt. This an approach is pretty lot straight from the service Manual. Hope it"s it s okay for me to short article it! If not, I"m certain I"ll hear about it.A couple of disclaimers* First, make certain that no other find out procedure is being performed simultaneously.**Second, make certain you"re act this in a ar where you won"t choose up stray TPMS signal from various other vehicles (including your spare set). If a random chirp is heard, chances are you picked one up and also you"ll should cancel and repeat the procedure.If friend don"t have the J-46079 Scan Tool, here"s exactly how to allow the discover method, at least, on the 05-08. This technique requires utilizing either the Keyless Entry remote or DIC.Follow these steps:1. Ignition ~ above (not RUN), start the TPM find out Mode using one of the adhering to procedures:A. Top top vehicles equipped v keyless entry, simultaneously press the keyless entrance transmitters "LOCK" and also "UNLOCK" buttons till a dual horn chirp sound indicating that discover Mode has actually been enabled. The Left Front turn signal will additionally be illuminated.B. Press the "INFO" and also "SET/RESET" buttons at the exact same time ~ above the DIC for about 1 second. Then press the "INFO" button until the "TIRE LEARN" message displays on the DIC. Press and hold the "SET/RESET" switch on the DIC until a twin horn chirp sounds, denote that find out Mode has been enabled. The Left Front revolve signal will likewise be illuminated.2. Starting with the Left former tire, learn the tire by increasing or decreasing the tire pressure for 8-10 seconds, then wait because that a horn chirp. The horn chirp might occur prior to or as much as 30 seconds after the 8-10 second pressure increase/decrease time duration has to be reached. When the horn chirp has actually sounded, the sensor info is learned and the turn signal in the next place to it is in learned will illuminate.3. After ~ the horn chirp has actually sounded and the ideal Front rotate signal is illuminated, repeat action 2 because that the remaining 3 sensors in the following order:A. Right FrontB. Ideal RearC. Left Rear4.

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When the Left rear sensor has been learned and also a dual horn chirp has sounded, the learn process is complete and the RCDLR exit the learn mode.5. Ignition OFF, change all tires to the recommended pressures.If i missed miscellaneous or over there is a correction, feel free to post!