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Hello males i am kind of a rookie right here for engine bolts. I am needing to acquire bolts because that my brand-new engine a 350 chevy gen 1 block. I have actually the head bolts and also main bolts but I need bolts for the the oil pan intake and all the other things.I have actually no gm dealer wherein I live. What ns am having a tough time is detect the lenghts of every these bolts. I don"t desire to have to pay end 40 bucks for a complete engine bolt kit and spent that much an ext for shipping. I just want to walk to my neighborhood hardware store and get some great quality great 8 bolts. Can anyone aid me the end here.Thanks Eric

Hopefully these 2 pages will display up well enough to read...EDIT- pretty blurry, hopefully who else has actually a list. If you have actually hypersnap or a comparable program, it will enlarge well enough to read.
You don"t need grade 8 bolts for and oil pan or timing cover. The pan bolts are 1/4"-20 except the ones in the corners they room 5/16"-18.. Time cover is additionally 1/4"-20. Intake bolts are 3/8"-16.
Hey thanks again because that your help appreciated. What sort of publication is there the lists every that details anyways? Is there something I can buy in ~ say advancement auto components or autozone? I perform thank you because that the help. This will conserve me part time that searching unlimited webpages.Eric
Advance should have that ingredient in the grandfather Gasket line in little kits. If not they can get it or buy it from Summit. I check out you space from Ohio.

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The pages i tried to copy room in David Vizzard"s just how to rebuild your SMALL-BLOCK CHEVY, HP books #66. Prices $9.95- the said, there room prolly more up-to-date books out there. This book is from 1978.
Wow many thanks for the information on this article as well. That publication is a real classic Thanks again Eric
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