Taco Bell looks to elevate that burrito video game by testing a brand-new $2 Cheesy dual Beef Burrito at choose test places in Toledo, OH.

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The new Cheesy double Beef Burrito comes with twin the lot of seasoned beef, jar rice, heat nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips, low-fat cake cream, and three-cheese blend, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

They’re also testing a Spicy Cheesy twin Beef Burrito that contains much the the exact same ingredients however with the addition of jalapeños.

You can find the Cheesy double Beef burato at select Taco Bell restaurants for a restricted time, while gives last.

What perform you think the the $2 Cheesy double Beef Burrito? would certainly you choose to check out this released nationwide? allow us know down in the comments.

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