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The Sims: Life stories Cheats because that PC

Cheat Codes because that The Sims Life stories Cheats can only be entred in cost-free Play mode. You deserve to not even bring the cheat crate up in Story Mode. To bring the Cheat crate up in free Play mode pressControl transition C at the same time.

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effect Effect addneighbortofamilycheat on/off aspirationpoints(#) moveobjects off/on boolprop allow45degreeanlgeofrotation true/false stretchskeleton roofSlopeAngle(15-75) aspirationlevel(0-5) FamilyFunds(Family Name)(Amount) departure alphabet expand kaching motherlode lockaspiration on/off motivedecay on/off maxmotives boolprop testingcheatsenabled true/false sethour (0-23) aging off/on boolprop snapobjectstogrid true/false unlockCareerRewards
Adds anyone you click on to your family.
Adds aspiration points to the selected character
allows you to location objects wherein you normally couldn"t
Allows girlfriend to rotate items at 45 level angles. Usage the . And also , tricks to rotate.
Changes height of a sim
Changes the roof pitch 75 being the steepest
enter a # 0-5 0 places aspiration in red 5 in Platnum
Entered in neighborhood view provides family any type of amount you choose. Execute not usage commas in the amount.
exits cheat mode
expand cheat window
expands cheat box
Gives family 1,000 Simoleans
Gives household 50,000 Simoleans
locks the aspiration score the sims ~ above the lot
makes the engine slowly decay or not at all.
maxes all motives for anyone on the lot
Open the boolprop cheat...only few of them work
sets the hour the the day.

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Turns aging off/on for anyone on the lot
Turns the capacity of objects come snap to grid off and on.
Unlocks every the job rewards for selected character

Contributed by: kingster12, dixielandsh, itsmymegan, ajjurgens, Rajazu

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