All 45 Intel locations are found with individual videos and text descrptions for each one.Use our overview to assist you play through level through level ..

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Call the Duty: modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter video game that is the sixth installment in the call of Duty collection and a direct sequel. Below is a arsenal of contact of Duty: contemporary Warfare cheats and tips for PS3 i m sorry is collection in 2016 and also follows the Task force l 141, a special pressures unit front by Captain Soap MacTavish, as they hunt Vladimir Makarov, leader that the Russian Ultranationalist party, and also the united States military Rangers, who are defending the nation from a Russian invasion.

Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2 Cheats and Tips because that PS3

Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2 likewise features cooperative, and also multiplayer video game modes so you can play online with friends. Examine out our speak to of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2 Cheats and Tips for PS3 to find out what you deserve to do to survive much longer in the game and get a much more enjoyable endure from the game.

Unlock sixth Custom class Slot When you reach level 70 in Multiplayer mode and then enter Prestige mode a 6th custom class slot will become available.

Get much more Perks You are minimal to three perks through default. Girlfriend can yet get more than three perks if you use Specialist setting which replaces your killstreaks with perks meaning for each kill you gain works your way towards a new perk.

Modify your Weapons Go to the Gunsmith menu to modify her weapon. Your main weapon deserve to have up to 5 attachments on that which consists of sights, underbarrel attachments, various stocks and also more. Friend can access the Gunsmith menu by going to the "Edit Loadouts" menu, selecting your loadout, choose a weapon, and also then tab end to the right.

Unlock Sniper Camouflage Complete the "Ghillie In The Mist" challenge reaching the shown one-shot kills using sniper rifles come unlock the matching Ghillie camouflage suits for Sniper classes.

- Unlock Arctic Camouflage:50 one-shot kills through sniper rifles.

- Unlock urban Camouflage:100 one-shot kills through sniper rifles.

- Unlock Desert Camouflage:200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.


Unlock Sniper Camouflage

"Cook" Grenades If you usage the following an approach which is well-known as "cooking" it will certainly prevent adversaries from having sufficient time come throw her grenades ago at you. To cook a grenade so girlfriend simply need to hold her grenades for 2 seconds prior to throwing them.

Move through Caution Resist the temptation to sprint out into the open, you will survive much longer if you take it in every scenario and also work out the best way to weave v firing present by advertise forward between whatever cover you have the right to find.

Killstreak Rewards In call of Duty: modern Warfare 2 killstreaks space the rewards you earn for regulating to death a certain variety of enemy players without dying. The prize is usually determined by how difficult it is to attain the required killstreak, the higher the need the much more powerful the reward. Check out ours Killstreak Rewards web page to discover out an ext about them.

Find her Favorite Weapons Each the the objectives in speak to of Duty: modern Warfare will begin you off v a predefined loadout. You will have the ability to find weapons throughout the map and in safe-houses, as well as picked up off of the body of overcame enemies and fallen comrades. Discover the tools you feel much more comfortable with and also switch to them.

Reload while Aiming In contact of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2 you space able come reload when aiming. This permits you to save your reticule focused on progressing enemies. That does yet come with a punish of boosted exposure to foe fire and has a significant hit ~ above your activity speed.

Double your Ammo If you press X, X, R1, Square, X, X, on her PS3 controller in ~ the beginning of the round after that counts down from 10 seconds you will double your ammo.

Unlock Museum Bonus Level Museum is a level unlocked upon completing the speak to of Duty: contemporary Warfare 2"s campaign mode. This level includes ALL the weapons and vehicles featured in the game, the vehicles though room not come scale and cannot be driven. You can discover out much more about this bonus level here: Museum Bonus Level

Unlock experienced Perks When you finish the adhering to tasks you will certainly be rewarded through the equivalent perk.

- risk Close Pro:Get 100 kills with explosives when using risk Close perk. Its effect is boosted explosive weapon damage and also extra air support damage.

- steady Aim Pro:Using the stable Aim perk gain 80 hip fire kills. Its impact is enhanced hip fire accuracy and longer host breath duration.

- Commando Pro:Using the Commando Perk obtain 20 melee kills. Its effect is boosted melee distance and no falling damage.

- Hardline Pro:Get 40 Killstreaks with the Hardline perk. Its result is the Killstreak rewards require one much less kill and Deathstreak rewards call for one much less death.

- Sitrep Pro:Destroy 120 detect explosives or tactical insertions through the Sitrep perk. Its effect is detect adversary explosives and tactical insertions and also louder enemy footsteps.

- Cold-Blooded Pro:Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak rewards v the Cold-Blooded perk. Its impact is is undetectable through UAV, waiting support, sentries, and also thermal imaging; and no red crosshair or name when you space targeted.

- Lightweight Pro:Run 30 Miles through the Lightweight perk. Its result is move faster and also quick aim after sprinting.

- Ninja Pro:Using the Ninja Perk acquire 50 close selection kills. Its result is invisible to heartbeat sensors and silent footsteps.

- Scavenger Pro:Resupply 100 times through the Scavenger perk. Its impact is resupply from dead enemies and also extra magazines.

- protecting against Power Pro:Get 300 Kills with the stopping Power perk. Its impact is extra bullet damage and also extra damages to foe vehicles.

- Bling Pro:Get 200 kills with a weapon through two attachments. Its effect is two primary weapon attachments and two an additional weapon attachments.

- Marathon Pro:Run 26 Miles through the Marathon perk. Its result is endless sprint and also climb obstacles faster.

- Sleight of Hand Pro:Get 120 kills v the Sleight the Hand perk. Its result is faster reloading and aiming.

- Scrambler Pro:Using the Scrambler perk acquire 50 close variety kills. Its effect is jam adversary radar near you and delay enemy claymore explosions.


Call the Duty: contemporary Warfare 2 Guide

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