Issue Date: November 2, 1960City: Washington, D.C.

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Quantity: 42,746,400Printed by: bureau of Engraving and also PrintingPrinting Method: Giori PressPerforations: 11Color: Carmine, ultramarine and also ocher
The ninth addition to the “Champions of Liberty” Series, U.S. #1169, honors Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi.His portrait was based on a modern photograph.

On respectable 31, 1957, the US article Office authorize an 8¢ stamp honoring Ramon Magsaysay, the an initial stamp in a brand-new Champion that Liberty Series.
The rubber stamp was issued just 5 months after ~ Magsaysay, the seventh President of the Philippines, had died in a aircraft crash. Magsaysay’s management was detailed for its flexibility from corruption. Under his direction, the Philippines joined the south-east Asia treaty Organization. The Magsaysay stamp was issued on his birthday and was the largest US postage stamp issued up to that time.That stamp would be the very first in a new series, dubbed “Champion the Liberty.” together America to be embroiled in the Cold War, the Eisenhower management saw these stamps as a way to combat Soviet totalitarianism by honoring men who dealt with for liberty in their homelands. Every of the civilization honored in the champion of Liberty series struggled courageously to defend their homeland native tyranny and further the cause of freedom.

After Magsaysay’s single commemorative stamp was issued, the remainder of the collection had 2 stamps published for each topic – one in a solitary color, and one with 3 colors.The pairs were also of different denominations.The solitary color stamps extended the domestic rate, if the multi-color stamps payment the global rate, to “carry the post of freedom approximately the world.”


Simón Bolívar, to be nicknamed the “George Washington of south America.” for over 20 years, Bolívar functioned tirelessly come liberate its lands.Through a series of battles, Bolívar invaded and also took end Merida, Caracas, and also Venezuela, at which suggest he to be proclaimedEl Libertador.



Lajos Kossuth, a Hungarian revolutionary, fought tirelessly for self-reliance for Hungary, and served briefly as Governor-President as soon as the nation earned its self-reliance in 1849.But in 1851, the government collapsed as the area to be taken over by Austria, and also Lajos moved to America.His popularity to be so great that it brought about tensions in between the joined States and Austria, that wanted him offered into your custody.


José de san Martín was one of the an essential figures in the Spanish-American revolutions in the beforehand 1800s.San Martín is taken into consideration the biggest of theLibertadoresof southern America, along with Símon Bolívar. He led the projects that liberated Argentine, Chile, and also Peru.

Ernst Reuter was the mayor of West Berlin during the at an early stage years the the Cold War.As the Soviets tried come block accessibility to West Berlin, Reuter came to be the spokesman because that the West Berlin citizens, appeal to the world prior to a crowd of 300,000 to no abandon Berlin.In response, the Allies coordinated the “Berlin Airlift,” a massive effort of end 200,000 flights to carry out supplies.

Thomas Masaryk was born in Austria-Hungary, and later ended up being the founder and first president the the Czechoslovakia Republic.Masaryk to be a member of the Austrian parliament, and tried to revolutionary the Hapsburg realm into a democratic state. ~ the Austria-Hungary empire was liquified following human being War I, Masaryk was named head that the Provisional Government.He to be elected first President that the Czechoslovak Republic in November 1918.

Born in Poland, Ignacy Paderewski to be arguably the best musician that his era, and also famed because that his wit.Paderewski generally performed before large crowds in the US and also championed Poland’s independence. He later on served as its 3rd Prime Minister.

Born in the grand Duchy the Finland, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim increased to the rank of general in the Russian army. When Finland to be at war with the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1944, Mannerheim came to be commander of Finland’s armed forces.He later served as Marshal and also President of Finland.

Born in Nice, Italy,Giuseppe Garibaldi devoted his life to liberating his homeland native Austrian control.In Brazil he join the gaucho rebels in their fight for independence in the Republic of Rio Grande carry out Sul. In 1842, that led the “Italian Legion” in the Uruguayan civil War. Garibaldi walk on to participate in the battles for Italian Independence and also later served in the Italian parliament.

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Mahatma Gandhi, or “Great Soul,” was the foremost political and also spiritual leader the India during that nation’s self-reliance movement.He established the idea ofsatyagraha, or “soul force,” i m sorry is a form of nonviolent resistance, which included civil disobedience.He initiated campaigns to minimize poverty, boost women’s rights, ease spiritual tensions, and raise economic self-reliance.Not just did Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolent resistance help India obtain its independence, however it inspired civil rights movements roughly the world.