just how does Salinger usage the past occasion of Holden angry his old friend, James Castle, committing suicide to affect the novel as a whole? 
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In Salinger"s novel of teen angst, the sensitive, perceptive, and intelligent Holden Caulfield , who becomes cynical, finds himself teetering in between the innocence and also naivete that childhood and the disillusionment of adulthood. Moreover, fatality haunts Holden ever due to the fact that the lose of his sibling; he fear connecting with people, perceives both...

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In Salinger"s novel of teenager angst, the sensitive, perceptive, and intelligent Holden Caulfield, that becomes cynical, finds himself teetering in between the innocence and also naivete of childhood and the disillusionment the adulthood. Moreover, death haunts Holden ever due to the fact that the ns of his sibling; he fear connecting through people, perceives both teens and also adults together "phonies," and searches for meaning in the civilization of distortion in which he finds himself.

It seems vital to consider Catcher in the Rye in its historic context due to the fact that Salinger clues at the effects of the atomic bomb in the preoccupation that Holden has with death, in his perceptions of civilization as "phonies," and also the general meaningless that he feeling life has. Together a matter of note, his sibling Allie has passed away of leukemia, the an illness from which many survivors that the atomic bomb died. Certainly, her death and also the death of his friend James Castle has a profound effect upon Holden.

And, it is this senseless fatality of James the extends to the senselessness the so many deaths in the civilization in which Holden Caulfield finds self fearful of life and disillusioned with adults. In chapter 22, once Holden sneaks right into his small sister"s room come talk with her and to it is in in the middle of innocence--he even mentions "innocent guys" to Phoebe together he claims lawyer room all ideal if they defend such people--the storage of James lock haunts him as symbolic that the cruel death of one innocent, simply as there were plenty of horrific killings that innocence in human being War II. Holden"s description of James lock lying that the rock steps that the dormitory can easily be that of one eliminated in the war:

He to be dead, and also his teeth, and also blood, were anywhere the place, and nobody would also go near him.

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In his battle to mediate in his psychic the senseless fatality of innocents such together Allie and also James, Holden becomes obsessed with the idea that death and also the watch meaninglessness that so numerous "phony" lives.