Candy. Candy. Candy. It always seems come be roughly the house no issue the season. If you space looking to carry out something creative with the treats your children have collected, these DIY liquid necklaces space a most fun.

These make me point of those standard candy necklaces that were made through the chalky candies, except this version tastes lot better!

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A funny craft that your kids can eat! This is a much tastier version of the standard candy jewelry we had cultivation up!


Candy v Holes - Life Savers, licorice, tart Straws, Peach O"s and also Twizzlers were our choice.Elastic Cord


Measure out the ideal length required for a bracelet or necklace.Then allow your son thread the candy on the cord.Have them make a tasty sample on each, mixing up the various candies used.Tie the elastic in a not.Enjoy!
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How did her candy necklaces turn out?


Jodi Durr

Jodi Durr is the creator of systematic Mama, a popular mom blog focusing on crafts, activities, personality development, nursing tips, recipes, parties and also more. Parenting her 3 youngsters has stretched her much more than she imagined. She has actually dug in she heals and also is figured out to do this journey fun, intentional and also creative. Uncover Jodi on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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