Leather is a widely popular material for footwear and is known for the durability, quality and rich look. Yet often if buying leather shoes, people worry around their limited usage throughout the monsoon weather. The is true the too lot water deserve to be a trouble for her leather shoes but does that typical you have to slide them to the earlier of her shoe drawer throughout rains? fret not, we have covered all your feasible rainy weather+leather boots doubt below.

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Why does animal leather get influenced for worse by water?

Leather is a porous product which soaks water quickly. Once this water dries out and leaves the material, it leader to premature birth damage and mostly, cracked of the leather. You will be surprised to understand that compared to various other materials, pure leather is the strongest. If you have actually shoes made of genuine leather, then expect it come dodge any water damages for a significant time and also avoid wrinkling too fast. Not just water, leather footwear is also usually safe to wear during winter and on low ice.

How to prevent your leather shoes from water damage?

Now, we recognize that you space not letting your shoes gain soaked in the rain top top purpose but life happens and also sometimes you end up stepping in that wet ditch or get recorded in an unforeseen rain shower head while wearing her favorite animal leather boots. Here’s just how you can you protect your gorgeous leather shoes throughout rains:


Before applying any kind of sort of waterproofing treatment to your leather shoes, make sure they space thoroughly clean. Shot to hit off any kind of dirt v a stiff shoes brush together dirt deserve to penetrate into the leather and become permanent or hard to obtain rid off. If the shoes space too dirty, usage a damp towel to rub away any type of fresh stains.

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Rule number one to remember while trying most weatherproofing tip is- it is not forever. A popular method is to coat brand-new leather shoes with a great of wax that offers a water barrier. This wax class can deplete over time thus it’s crucial to remember the the weatherproofing her shoes is not permanent and also you have to repeat the procedure when in 15 days, depending on the variety of times her leather boots might get drenched. Having said this, the is always far better to purchase water-resistant or water-proof animal leather footwear. At metropolitan Shepherd Boots, us love leather footwear as much as you do. Our leather boots room water resistant and almost water-proof!

3. Consider A WATERPROOF covering

If friend live somewhere where it is i can not qualify to evade rains often and also it rain regularly, we indicate investing in a good waterproof covering for your leather shoes. Store a pair of shoes covers stashed in her bag or in your auto to store some instant shoe defense handy. After ~ all, your premium-made animal leather shoes space valuable!

What to execute if her leather shoes obtain wet?

1. Dried Shoes conveniently

As soon as girlfriend reach house or your rectal - take it the shoes turn off and permit them come dry out thoroughly. Heavily drenched feet can impact the to the right of her leather shoes also so make certain you location some newspaper or shoes tree inside the pair of shoes to safeguard the shape before putting lock aside. The right method to lay your shoes is on your sides. Favor we said - Leather often tends to dry out soon, which subsequently can reason cracking that the skin. Hence, girlfriend don’t want to put them next to a warmth source.

2. Restore the moisturization

Once the animal leather footwear is nice and dry, use a colorless leather conditioner, which will restore versatility in the fibers and help prevent any further cracks from the humid weather. Remove shoelaces prior to conditioning and use only a nickel-size quantity of animal leather conditioner top top a clean cotton cloth or soft sponge and apply anywhere the boots outer surface.

To conclude, correct you can wear your leather footwear in the rain...as lengthy as you save our tips in mind come avoid any water damages to your boots. In fact, your leather pair of shoes will become the backbone of her rainy-weather wardrobe, subtly sustaining your light knits, while you take appropriate protective measures.