Deciding whether to obtain a twin or pair XL dimension mattress method factoring in the elevation of the human sleeping in it, the size of the room, and also the border of her budget. If the difference in between twin and twin XL mattresses is slight, comparing castle is still vital to ensure you’re getting the bed girlfriend need.

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How lengthy is a twin XL bed, and also what is the difference in between twin and twin XL? below are the details.


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What is the difference in between twin and also twin XL beds?

The main difference between a twin and also twin XL mattress is the length. Since a twin mattress is smaller sized than a twin XL, they’re typically best for university dorms, farming children, or guest rooms. Right here are the pair vs. Pair XL dimensions:

TwinTwin XL
Width38 inches38 inches
Length75 inches80 inches
CostPrices variety from $75 and upPrices range from $87 and also up
Best forChildren and teensTaller people
AvailabilityMost manufacturersMost manufacturers

More ~ above the twin mattress:

With dimensions of 38″ by 75″, twin beds room a popular selection for children, average-size adults, and also teens. If you have to save space, this is one inexpensive method to develop a comfortable sleeping spot.

As at an early stage as 1892, writers talked around how they believed the twin bed would certainly take the ar of double beds in rooms lived in by much more than one person. The popularity of these mattresses prevailed not only because of your size and affordability yet their availability as well.

Pricing for these mattresses counts on your material, thickness, and also topper type. For example, if you desire a six-inch storage foam twin mattress, friend can uncover it for around $140. A six-inch innerspring mattress runs in between $75 and $140. Friend can likewise find plush and also luxury pillow-top mattresses featuring 14″ that thickness for between $550 and $1,000.

It’s an excellent choice because that a child’s room because it allows for many of floor space.Twin beds job-related well in rooms wherein two kids are sharing.A pair bed can provide comfortable seating once dressed together a daybed in a guest room.It’s a budget-friendly option for off-campus real estate or as a “big kid bed” as soon as your little one starts to grow.The size does no accommodate an ext than one person.Its length could be too quick for adults or high teens.Children could grow out of a pair quickly.It’s not appropriate for sleepers that toss and turn a lot.

More top top the pair XL mattress:

The pair XL size are much longer than a constant twin by 5 inches, measure 38″ x 80″. That extra length makes this mattresses right for adults, tall teens, and also those in search of a dorm room or guest room bed.

The background of pair XL mattresses is no clear, however we do know that they were popular in dorm rooms throughout the mid-1970s. The extra size makes them an ext comfortable because that taller sleepers. Comfort additionally changes relying on the type of mattress you select. For example, a pair XL mattress through a pillow top could be more comfortable 보다 a timeless innerspring model.

Pricing because that these mattresses varies relying on the materials, the type, and if there’s a built-in topper. Friend can obtain a seven-inch innerspring pair XL mattress for in between $87 and also $160. If you favor the feel of cooling gel memory foam, a seven-inch model ranges between $100 and also $330. You can likewise find 14″ high-end pillow-top innerspring mattresses for in between $680 and also $800.

The small width renders a pair XL ideal for little living spaces.There’s an ext legroom many thanks to the extr length.It fits fine into certain bunk bed sets.It’s right for college dorms and children’s bedrooms.Combination (back and also side, for example) sleepers might not have sufficient space.Some sleepers discover these beds too narrow.It fits just one person.It does no fit ~ above a standard twin bed frame.

Can friend loft or bunk both varieties of mattresses?

Yes, twin and twin XL beds space excellent choices for loft and bunk beds. If you’re trying come save room but need extra length, making use of a pair XL loft bed is ideal. These configurations occupational well in college dorm rooms, and also anywhere else where there’s limited space. You deserve to find numerous options easily accessible for bunks because that a pair XL mattress, consisting of twin over pair bunk beds, pair XL over pair XL bunk beds, twin over complete bunk beds, and also twin XL over full bunk beds.

The bottom line

While there room not too many differences between a pair vs. Pair XL, the size is what matters the most. The extra 5 inches in a pair XL helps tall teens and adults who have actually a limited amount of sleep space in your room. You deserve to save even more space by opting because that a twin XL loft bed.

Frequently inquiry questions

Can pair sheets right on a pair XL? 

Many manufacturers make sheets the fit both twin and twin XL mattresses. However, it’s a good idea to make certain the sheets are deep bag to compensate because that the mattress’s extra length.

Which is bigger, twin or twin XL? 

Both mattresses room the exact same width, yet they differ in length. A pair XL is much longer than a twin by 5 inches.

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Will a twin XL comforter right a pair bed? 

Yes, though, be sure to consider the extra size of the quilt or comforter. Because that example, if you’re making use of it for a bed sitting on a frame, the comforter is going to look long. So you could run into difficulties if you use this comforter ~ above a twin loft or bunk bed set.