Mr. An innovation himself Fleaflo claims yes, and also I agree through him. Just wanted to recognize if everyone knows because that sure. Thanks.

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dumb biatch

but if anyone bought a PS1 in the last couple of years, possibilities are it came with an analog controller.........exactly the same as the PS2 controller(except colour of course)i haven"t checked out the non analog PS1 controllers in a lengthy time
Yes they execute - hopefully your PS1 controllers have actually analog controls. If not, friend might as well buy a brand-new controller, due to the fact that every video game now provides the analog controls.*over*and*out**SiLver*RoBoT*
the only analog controller i have actually for ps1 is a special race car game controller, and for part reason, it"s the only controller produced ps1 the doesn"t work-related for ps2. How much do i suck?shawn

PS1 controllers will job-related on PS2 gamings that perform not require analog controll buttons (x, o, <>, /_). Certain PS2 games permit you to perform varying moves v the same controll switch depending top top the push applied. Making use of a PS1 controller on these gamings will either not let girlfriend play at all, or not enable you to execute the varying moves through the solitary button. If you shot playing the Bouncer, it will certainly not let you play in ~ all with a PS1 controller, but a game like Madden ns think you can. Together for PS2 controllers functioning on a PS1, that cares, walk play the gamings on the PS2. It will certainly look far better anyways.
Yes, any PS1 controller will job-related with a PS2.
But...Analog: over there are features on the PS2 controllers (and the more recent PS1 controllers) that are analog. Example: how difficult you press the switch affects points in the game. The old PS1 controllers space digitial (ie: the buttons space either on or off), for this reason you lose the functionality in the game that one analog button provides. - Sam
Thanks RJ, that"s usually the speach I provided to provide to customers. Except I"d usually put the controller in your hands together a sales tactic.

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Originally posted by defazman PS1 controllers will occupational on PS2 games that carry out not need analog controll buttons (x, o, <>, /_). Particular PS2 games enable you to execute varying moves through the exact same controll button depending top top the push applied. Utilizing a PS1 controller on these gamings will either not let you play in ~ all, or not allow you to carry out the varying moves with the single button. If you shot playing the Bouncer, it will not let girlfriend play at all through a PS1 controller, yet a video game like Madden i think you can. Together for PS2 controllers functioning on a PS1, who cares, go play the games on the PS2. It will certainly look far better anyways.

PS1 had analog controllers. Many human being have these. Therefore let"s just say that many ps2 gamings require a Sony analog controller. There really is no difference in between ps1 and ps2 controllers; over there is just a difference between digital and analogshawn
Ok, now I"m not so sure. Sony came out v analog directional controllers because that PS1 year ago, however have they additionally recently starting making the PS1 controllers with analog manage buttons? Futureshop"s website list the PS1 controllers functioning for PS2 and analog games, but that can simply mean analog directional controll. It wouldn"t seem to make feeling to release a PS1 controller v analog buttons, due to the fact that the PS1 doesn"t use that feature. Certain there would certainly be a cost savings for Sony by production one general controller for both systems, yet I can"t view that to save being larger than the cost of the additional technology in the controllers. Has anyone provided their more recent PS1 controllers for PS2 games with analog switch capability? can you rev the engine in GT3 at any type of rpm using just the X button?
Pointdexters! We"re gaining ahead of oneself here. Thanks to everyone who assisted out. Basically I was just concerned about GTA3. For this reason the pressure suggest on the analog vs. Digital is sort of moot. As lengthy as I deserve to hit the R3 button to get missions or collection off explosives, every is great in the hood. Many thanks again.