Epoxy paint offers a durable coating for countless kinds of surfaces, including wooden surface such together tables and floors. Utilizing epoxy paint for timber will lengthen the life that your wood surface, as the strength of this product will safeguard the wood against damage. Before you can apply epoxy paint to your wooden surface, girlfriend will very first have to element it so the you deserve to guarantee a for sure adhesion in between the paint and the wood. This article will guide you through all the you have to know before using epoxy paint. 
Table that Content1 picking the best Epoxy paint for Wood1.1 wood Floor Epoxy Primer1.2 Epoxy repaint for lumber Floors2 just how to use Your hardwood Floor Epoxy2.1 action 1: security Precautions2.2 action 2: Sand the wood Surface2.3 action 3: Priming the Wood2.4 action 4: Mix the Epoxy2.5 action 5: use Your Epoxy Coating for lumber Floors3 valuable Hints for using Epoxy Floor paint for Wood4 typically Asked Questions4.1 do You gain Epoxy Floor repaint for Wood?4.2 Is timber Floor Epoxy Waterproof?4.3 should I Seal the lumber Before applying Epoxy?4.4 need to I Varnish mine Epoxy Coating for timber Floors?

Choosing the best Epoxy repaint for Wood

When selecting a brand the epoxy repaint for hardwood floors, you will discover that over there is a wide variety of choice. Friend will require an epoxy paint and a primer, both the which should be of a good quality so the you deserve to guarantee effective results.

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Wood Floor Epoxy Primer

If you try to apply epoxy repaint to a bare wood surface, it will not stick. Epoxy paint can only adhere to a wooden surface that has been primed with an acrylic latex primer. Primers are obtainable in both light and dark shades, so it is ideal to choose a primer the matches the natural color of the wood. RUST-OLEUM maximum Adhesion PrimerRust-Oleum supplies a water-based primer that also acts together a sealer when used to wooden surfaces. This primer works with many topcoats and also can be used to both indoor and also outdoor surfaces.

 This product is recipe to allow for the maximum amount of adhesion in between the surface and the paint. This inside wall is especially beneficial in more humid environments, together it possesses wonderful wet adhesive properties.
Simple to useCan be provided on interior and also exterior surfacesWorks in wet or humid conditionsDries quickly

Epoxy repaint for lumber Floors

Epoxy repaint is made of 2 separate components that girlfriend will require to incorporate in order come elicit a chemistry reaction. This reaction reasons these contents to harden into an extremely durable coating through a glossy finish. Together the hardening procedure begins the moment you mix the two contents together, you have actually only a short duration of time prior to you have the right to no longer work v the paint. RUST-OLEUM naval Topside PaintThis epoxy paint is oil-based, permitting for lull of application and a great amount the self-leveling. The coating listed by this product is formulated to endure the toughest weather conditions, and also will protect against sun damage due come its resistance come UV rays.

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RUST-OLEUM maritime Topside Paint
Flexible oil-based formulaQuick-dryingDurable coating is UV- and weather-resistant
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 You can cover up to 100 square feet of surface ar area through one quart that this paint, i m sorry should become dry come the touch in ~ 1-2 hours. You deserve to expect a smooth finish that will stay glossy for a long time.