In our latest question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses even if it is or not Tylenol PM have the right to safely it is in taken v Benadryl.

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Joseph asked

I take it Tylenol PM mainly every night but it doesn"t always work. Deserve to I include Benadryl on peak of it for better effects?


It is not recommended to take it Tylenol PM all at once with Benadryl. Taking these medications together outcomes in duplicate drug treatment of the medication diphenhydramine together both Tylenol PM and Benadryl save it as an active ingredient. Sheep of each have to be be separated be at least four to six hours.

Tylenol PM

Tylenol afternoon is a medication which contains:


The ache reliever component of this medication (acetaminophen) is helpful for the treatment of mild come moderate pain. The system of paracetamol is not fairly understood yet is believed to inhibit prostaglandins which serve a role in inflammation and pain.

The antihistamine component (diphenhydramine) is advantageous for aiding in sleep or allergy rhinitis symptoms due to the anticholinergic effect that antihistamines exert ~ above the body. This medication, if offered as a sleep aid, is encourage to it is in taken about one hour prior to the wanted hour of sleep.

Each sheep (e.g. Tablet, capsule) that Tylenol PM has 500 mg that acetaminophen and also 25 mg the diphenhydramine.


Unlike Tylenol PM, Benadryl only contains diphenhydramine i beg your pardon is a 1st generation antihistamine. First-generation antihistamines are well-known for their sedative impacts and reasonably short term of action. The usual uses the this medication room for allergy relief, insomnia and the avoidance or therapy of movement sickness. The same anticholinergic, sedating and drowsy side impacts are meant with this medication just like Tylenol PM.

Each sheep of Benadryl (e.g. Tablet, capsule) includes 25 mg of diphenhydramine.

Taking Benadryl with Tylenol PM

The usage of these medicines together will result in an additive result of toxicities and not in therapeutic benefit as both drugs contain diphenhydramine in the energetic ingredients. Impacts which may be intensified include:

SedationDrowsinessDry mouthDry eyesConstipation

When acquisition either of these medications, it is recommended to take it them at night time due to the potential to induce sleep. The usage of heavy machinery or operation vehicles is additionally not encourage while utilizing either of these medications.

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Lastly, that is necessary to keep in mind that some sources show the dosage the Benadryl because that the therapy of insomnia to it is in 50 mg, or 2 tablets. Therefore, if necessary, you can safely take oneBenadryl tablet with Tylenol pm to equal a sheep of 50 mg that diphenhydramine, but this would be the preferably dose. This likewise isn"t usually recommended as result of the hazard of overdosing making use of multiple medications.