One that the very first things human being learn when they start their tennis trip is that you are claimed to fight the ball over the net. In fact, the net is your an initial opponent in a tennis match. If you can’t hit the sphere over the net, your foe won’t have to do something in order come beat you. However, over there is no rule versus hitting approximately the net post and also that is what we will talk around today.

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In tennis, hitting about the net post is fully legal since the rulebook has no restrictions on the height of the ball, meaning that the ball does not have to travel above the elevation of the net in order come be thought about a legit shot. The only necessity is that the ball lands in ~ the court limits of beat (singles or doubles lines, relying on what you are playing). According to the official ITF Rulebook, a sphere will be considered a “good return” if it is “returned exterior the network posts, either over or below the level that the optimal of the net, even though it touches the net posts, provided that it access time the floor in the exactly court (ITF preeminence #25c.). 

As you can see, hitting a shot around the net article is allowed but there are a couple of situations that we must make it clean in case you hit a an excellent around the article shot next time you action on the court. Therefore let’s get to it.

For those who room unfamiliar, hitting a tennis shot approximately the article is among the coolest shots you can pull off. The shot deserve to only take place when your enemy hits a ball with so much angle the it is possible to hit approximately the net post and also still do it within the boundaries of the court. (see video clip below) The reason why that is an enjoyable shot to both hit and watch is because it’s very rare that you’ll have the possibility to do so. And also even then, that is super hard to make it so it is a rarely shot to see. Below is a compilation of around the short article shots for this reason you deserve to see what ns am talking about:

Professional Tennis Vs Amateur Tennis

The main reason why around the article shots happen an ext often in experienced tennis is due to the fact that the courts are built so the net write-up can be collection up in both the singles position and also doubles place (see image below). This is not necessarily a rule, many courts at tennis events utilize the normal set up, through the net post outside the doubles alley and singles sticks for singles play. However, in big center courts prefer at Wimbledon, the is typical to see the network post collection up within the doubles alley.

Net no properly collection up.


So over there you have it. Shots approximately the net write-up are rare and if you are an amateur playing without one umpire, you or your adversary risk not understanding the rule in this subject. Hopefully following time you action on the court you have actually the chance to hit one of these shots due to the fact that they are very satisfying. Have actually you ever before hit a tennis shot roughly the post? permit us know in the comment section below.

Karue Sell

I’ve had actually some pretty cool experiences throughout my tennis career. I’ve reached the semifinals that the Orange bowl U16 and also as a junior, i ranked together high as #33 in the world. I have had actually wins over Dominic Thiem, Kyle Edmund, and Hugo Dellien (not sure just how well I would certainly do against them today, though). Among the coolest points I’ve done while playing was getting to the finals that the NCAA’s through UCLA, so ns a an excellent supporter of university tennis. I’ve winner 3 futures since graduating, and also I broke the peak 400 ~ above the ATP rankings. And most importantly, I have actually been come Pete Sampras’ house.

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