Don’t allow their similar names stupid you—polycrylic and polyurethane room not one and also the same. Here, check out up top top the pros and also cons of these two popular wood finishes so the you constantly grab the appropriate one for her project.

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It’s more challenging to use polycrylic evenly 보다 polyurethane.

You have actually the selection to spray or brush on polyurethaneand polycrylic. However, beware the an obstacle that comes through polycrylic’s runnier consistency; you’ll require to apply thin coats and keep one eye out for drips, then wait the recommended dried time so the you don’t end up with a difficult finish. Plus, due to the fact that polycrylic dries really quickly to the touch, it’s harder to get an also finish end a large surface area.

While both polyurethane and polycrylic deserve to be used over water-based or oil-based paints and also finishes, girlfriend may uncover that polycrylic doesn’t dryquickly over matte latex paint because of additives in the paint.

Polycrylic is far less dangerous and toxic.

Polyurethane is an extremely flammable while wet, so the requires mindful storage to prevent a fire. As stated earlier, it also has a high VOC count that can irritate your lungs, an interpretation you’ll should wear respiratory defense while applying it (although water-based polyurethane is far less potent than the oil-based version). Polycrylic, by contrast, walk not have actually a strong odor and is not practically as toxicity as polyurethane, so you won’t must don protective equipment to apply it.

Always take into consideration your certain project when picking your sealer.

As that is, polycrylic and also polyurethane are good for numerous of the very same projects, consisting of desks, next tables, picture frames, and dressers. If you require a tiebreaker, ask you yourself the adhering to when deciding i m sorry one to usage include:

Will the wooden item be exposed come high temperatures or moisture? climate oil-based polyurethane is your ideal bet.Are you applying sealer come light hardwood such together maple, or over hardwood painted white or another light color? avoid oil-based polyurethane, which have the right to dry through a yellow tint.Are friend sealing a wooden floor? Oil-based polyurethane gives the most durable finish in high-use situations like flooring.Do you require a product the dries quickly? Polycrylic dries much quicker than polyurethane does.Are you functioning indoors without an excellent ventilation? You’ll desire to usage polycrylic, i m sorry is less toxic than polyurethane, particularly when functioning in a poorly ventilated area.Are you sealing a huge piece that furniture? due to the fact that polycrylic dries an extremely quickly, afford a smooth finish over a large area have the right to be difficult.Are friend sealing a upright surface, such together the sides of a bookcase? Polyurethane is much easier to job-related with on one upright surface, as it is thicker than polycrylic and also less susceptible to dripping.Do you want the easiest cleanup? Polycrylic is the winner, here, together you require only soap and water to remove it from your hands, brushes, and other surfaces whereby it can spill throughout application.Is budget a big concern? Polycrylic is usually less expensive 보다 polyurethane.

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