This webpage offers the answers come some frequently asked questions about theofficial rule of chess regarding Check, Mate, and Stalemate. Because that the complete rules the chess, see our rule of Chess page.

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What is check?

A king is in inspect when the an are it is ~ above is assaulted by an opponent"s piece. Right here are some examples of a white piece checking the black king.

What must a player in check do?

A player whose king is in check must eliminate the inspect by among three means:

Capture the check piece.Move the king come a an are where no piece is check it.Block the inspect by placing one more piece in the path of the check piece.

Using the examples of check noted above, below is an example of each method of remove a check.

Black"s bishop has caught the knight the was checking the king.

Black"s king has moved come h8, i beg your pardon is not assaulted by any kind of piece.

Black"s bishop has actually moved to f8, impede the attack from white"s rook.

What if a player cannot obtain out of check?

That player is checkmated and loses the game. Here are part examples, modified from the previous examples of inspect to eliminate the possibility of removing the check.

With a knight rather of a bishop, black has actually nothing to record the check knight with. Being completely surrounded by its very own men, black"s king has actually nowhere to go. Due to the fact that the article leaps directly from one space to another, its relocate cannot be blocked.With a rook in ~ h8, black"s king is unable to flee there. The only empty space adjacent to the king is f7, however if the king relocated there, it would certainly still be confirm by the bishop.

Because black now has a knight on c5, the bishop cannot move from a3 to f8 and also block the rook"s check. Also, the article cannot with the rook"s room or any room in between the rook and also the black king. Back the king is surrounding to two empty spaces, the rook would still be checking it if it relocated to one of two people one.

Can kings examine other kings?

Yes and no. They have the strength to inspect each other, yet thanks to having actually this power, they deserve to never gain close enough to actually inspect each other. Take into consideration this position:

Neither king may move come f7, g7, or h7, due to the fact that if that did, it would be in examine from the various other king, and it is illegal because that a king to move right into check.

Can the relocate of a king result in the other king being put in check?

Yes, that is feasible to make a relocate with a king such that the various other king is checked(or even mated): mean that white"s king is in between white"s rook and black"sking ~ above one line. Once the king moves far from the line, hereveals the check by the rook.

In this position, both queens are on the g file, and also white"s king is in between black"s king and also white"s rook.

White"s king has actually now moved to the f file, revealing a inspect on black"s king native the rook.

Can the king catch to acquire out of check?

Can the King record the queen to get out that check, ifthe queen is in the next block if she is not protected and she placed it ina checkmate position?

Yes. There are several feasible methods come lift a check, and also taking the checkingpiece (with the king or with one more piece) is legal, as lengthy as the king is not in check after the capture.

In this position, the black king is checked by the white queen.

But this check can it is in escaped by acquisition the queen.

In this example, though, the queen is defended, leaving black"s king unable to take it. In fact, black is checkmated, and also white has won.

What is a double check?

A twin check is as soon as two different pieces are both checking the opponent king. This can occur when the item that move checks the king if revealing a examine from another piece. Below is an example.

It"s white"s turn to move.

White has actually moved his knight come e7, which checks the king ~ above g8, and also by relocating from the g file, it has revealed a inspect on the king native the rook. Thanks to the twin check, the queen on e8 is can not to record the article or block the inspect from the rook. If the takes the knight, the king will still be confirm by the rook, and if it block"s the rook"s check, the king will still be checked by the knight. In this position, all black can do is relocate the king come safety.

What is stalemate?

A player is stalemated as soon as on his turn he has no legit move but is not in check. Right here is one example:It is black"s revolve to move, however he has no legit move. His pawn cannot move,and his king also cannot move as every ar it could go is attacked by white. The knightalso cannot move, as moving the knight would average that the white rook would provide check.Also, white does no give examine to black, so that is a stalemate.

In instance of a stalemate, the game is a draw: 1/2 - 1/2.

Is this a friend or a stalemate?

I was play my dad in chess the other night. Ns was under to my king and also he had actually a pawn, a queen, and also his king. I was backed into a corner and he didn"t have me in check. It to be my rotate to relocate and every one of my feasible moves that had actually would have actually put me in check. So i couldn"t move right into check, because of this I couldn"t move my piece. Ns think that it to be a stalemate, since a player can"t move into check. He thinks it was a checkmate, yet I wasn"t in check. I would only be in inspect if i moved. Is he best or to be I?

The following position fits her description, though I"m sure countless other positions would certainly too. This is just to highlight the type of place you are describing.

You were right. Together a position is precisely what is called a stalemate. Nobody won. Your game finished in a draw.

How carry out you identify the winner ~ a stalemate in chess? only two kingsare left.

Since deadlock is a attract in Chess, all as well many people speak that stalemate as though the is the same thing as a draw. The is not at all the same thing together a draw. In part games, such together Chinese Chess, stalemate actually counts as a win. Also, in Chess itself, there space other means of illustration the video game besides stalemate.

When just two majesties are left, this is certainly a draw, since neither player have the right to checkmate the other. However there is no feasible position 2 bare kings can be placed in that would count together stalemate. Even in the positions shown below, black"s king still has actually one move available to it.

Anyway, whether the game is attracted by stalemate, by ceiling kings, or because that some various other reason, over there is no winner, and also there is no tie-breaking an approach for identify a winner. Once the video game is drawn, every player gets half a point.

Is this checkmate or stalemate?

The various other night my husband was playing v a friend. He had actually him in check,and the only way he could move out of examine was to relocate his king beside his adversaries king, as such being in examine by the king. Now was this checkmate orstalemate?

This is checkmate. The king is checked, and there is no legal method toescape check. Also if the king moved next to the opponent"s king, it would certainly be in examine from the king. So the video game is won because that the player providing check.

Consider the following position. White to move. White is in check, and the just positions the white king can move to space g1 and g2, yet neither is allowed because the king would certainly be in check there together he would certainly be beside the opponent"s king. Sowhite is mated and black has actually won the game.

Can a player in inspect win the video game by checkmating his enemy with one relocate (a move thatdoes not relocate the checked king)?

A move that go not eliminate the inspect is illegal. So, if this relocate does not eliminate the check, then no.

However, the following might happen: the player have the right to take the piece that gives the check and mate at the exact same time.

Consider the position above. The white king is right now checked through black"s rook.

The white queen have the right to take the black rook, for this reason removing the check and giving mate in ~ the very same time.

Can a king relocate to square that is attacked by a pinned piece?

On the chessboard, over there is thefollowing situation. One player, to speak white, has actually a knight, the is pinned bya bishop the the opponent, i.e., the items is between the black bishop and also thewhite king, for this reason if the knight would certainly move, then the king is checked. In thissituation, is black"s king allowed to relocate to a square struck by the knight?

Let"s first look in ~ a diagram of what is being explained here.

In this position, black"s king is adjacent to d6 and f6, which room both spaces the knight could reach if it were no pinned. The is illegal because that black"s king to move to either one of these spaces. Regardless of being can not to legally relocate there as result of the pin, the knight"s checking power on those squares stays undiminished. The factor for this is the the underlying score of chess is the record of the opponent"s king. This never actually wake up in chess, because the game will finish in checkmate as soon as a player deserve to no longer avoid the capture of his king. However the logic below is this. If the king move to a space attacked through the pinned knight, the items could record it, instantly winning the game for white, at which suggest black would certainly no longer have the opportunity to catch the white king through his bishop.

Who has won this game?

In the following position, is this a attract or has black mated white? together one have the right to see, the rook the defends the queen cannot move since it safety the black king from inspect from the white queen.

This is a mate by black. Black has won the game. The exact same principle that was debated just over applies right here too. Return the rook is pinned by the white queen, that still threatens examine on d1. So, whites"s king cannot move there. Because it cannot take the queen, and the pawn blocks its activity to f2, and the black color queen threatens examine on every empty room it deserve to move to, white is checkmated.

Can I expose my king to check if my move checkmates my opponent?

No. Think about this example.

It is white"s revolve to move, but his rook is pinned by the bishop.

This move is illegal. Although that looks prefer black is checkmated, the black color bishop is currently checking the white king.

If the object of the game were to simply capture the king, the preceding move would it is in legal, and black might win by capturing white"s king v its bishop.

Although the score of Chess is not catch of the king, the is played together though that is. Checkmate matters, because it is the place in i beg your pardon a king is unable to escape being captured. But in stimulate to finish the video game with checkmate rather of the actual record of the king, it is a strict preeminence in Chess that a king may never ever move into inspect under any circumstance. Because of this, your optimal priority in Chess is the safety and security of your own king, not the checkmate of her opponent"s king. That is only as soon as you deserve to checkmate your enemy without exposing your own king to inspect that it important counts as checkmate.

What wake up if you do a move that leaves your king coincidentally in check?

After perfect a move, I discovered that I had actually accidentally exposed my king. My opponent found it and also said checkmate.

I told she my ahead move had actually to be annulled since the king couldn"t it is in exposed. Is this correct?

This is undoubtedly correct. A move that pipeline your king in check is illegal,and it should be bring away back, then a legal move should it is in made in its place. The player thatmade the illegal relocate does not lose the game.

In over-the-board play, however, the touched piece rule applies. So, if over there is a legal move with the item that was very first illegally moved, then the piece need to be moved. View for example the following diagram.

Suppose white move his king to c1. This relocate is illegal, forthe bishop then checks the king. So, this relocate should be taken back, and white must instead move his king to a1, the just legal move the king has actually available.

An exception to this is when the rule of rate chess space used. In this form of chess, offered when playing through clocks with only a few (e.g., 3 or 5) minutes every player because that the whole game, the touch piece ascendancy does not apply; a dominance is last when the clock is punched, and a player can insurance claim a win as soon as the opponent makes one illegal move. (Speed chess rules apply only once these space agreed on before the game.)

Can a king move from one checked place to an additional checked position?

Playing chess through a friend, I placed his King in check with mine rook. The thenmoved his King as soon as to the right and also captured mine pawn, however, that did notrealize the in making that move, he was delicate to my queen, so Icaptured his King. Now, another friend the was watching said that that couldnot make that move since he placed his King in check and that is no allowed.I thought and also still think, the if I put him in check and also he provides a movethat doesn"t take him the end of check, then i can catch his King. Ns alwaysthought the the ruling involving a King gift in examine was that if a Kingis no in check, the cannot do a relocate to placed himself in check, however, ifhe is in check and makes a relocate that keeps that in check, climate I deserve to capture.

Your girlfriend was right. Chess is no won by recording kings but by adjustment the opponent. If a player renders an illegal move, such together one that puts his king in check, he must makeanother move, no issue whether the king was in inspect or not.

Of course, as soon as a player is in check, and also all moves bring about a place wherehe tho is in check, then he is mated, therefore he lost; and when a player is notin check yet all moves result in a place where the is in check, the is stalematedand the video game is a draw.

What wake up if girlfriend touch a pinned piece?

If I have a rook straight in front of the bishop of my opponent,and his king is behind it and he touches thebishop ready to relocate it which leaves his king exposedto my rook which way his king will certainly be in check? Does that haveto relocate it? Being the he touch it. Walk my adversary lose the game?

No, he doesn"t shed the game. If over there is no legit movewith the bishop (and moving such that your king is in inspect isillegal), then he doesn"t have to play it. Check out for example this diagram.

If white touches his bishop, climate this has actually no consequences, together the bishophas no legal move. So, white deserve to instead play his king (e.g., King b1-a2.)

If I call checkmate falsely perform I forfeit the game?

No. When done accidentally, over there is no consequence; the game justcontinues.

When excellent on purpose, climate an arbiter might punish you, as this wouldbe a case of distracting the opponent, and/or making unreasonable claims.If a player moves a piece and also places the king in check and fails come announce check, does the various other player success by default?

No. Actually, saying check is not obligatory, but just polite.

Note however that if the various other player fails to view he is in check, and also moves there is no lifting the check, that player likewise does no lose, yet has to make a various move. (See other questions on this webpage.)

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To invoice Nye. The is illegal come leave her king in check. Once an illegal relocate is noticed, the rules need all succeeding moves to it is in retracted and re-done.