Many city legends room circling around, one of them being that drinking bong water could make friend high. 


And look, I acquire it. We’ve all been there; you’re high as a kite, and also you might think, “I bet if ns drink the I’ll get higher”.

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Even though there is a moderate quantity of THC left in the water of your bong, you might want to read this write-up before you decision to begin drinking bong water.


In this write-up we will discuss whether or not it’s dangerous to drink bong water, whether you need to avoid drink bong water (don’t drink it), all while comment the popular myth – does drinking bong water even get friend high?

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Does drink Bong Water acquire you High?

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3 Health pertains to of drinking Bong Water

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What specifically is in Bong Water?

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Does drink Bong Water acquire You High?


So is there THC in bong water, and an ext importantly, because that every stoner does drinking bong water gain you high?


Because why else would we drink that nasty water Drinking bong water is, honestly, not a an extremely smart move.


One can assume that because smoke passes through the water once you’re smoking, water has some amounts of THC that might get you stoned. However, the theory has been scientifically proven come be simply an city myth. 


Not just will girlfriend not obtain stoned drink the bong water, but you might likewise seriously ache yourself. Basically, bong water is a filtration medium and serves as a filter to protect you indigenous harmful additive or chemistry in your weed.


There is a bunch that nasty stuff filtered the end of the smoke as you take a drag.


That is what is offering you a smooth, nice-tasting three experience. Trust me, all those impurities are not other you desire to acquire into her system.

If you room trying to keep that bong water ultra-clear us do imply using one ash catcher, but even if the water is clear you room going to want to give up top top the idea of drinking any type of water supplied as a filtration medium.


Let’s malfunction the details top top why you shouldn’t drink bong water.


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So does drinking bong water obtain you high, friend probably determined by now it doesn’t!


You space not the very first to think that because THC is continuous passing v the water in the bong, you might get stoned by eating traces the THC tho left in it. 


Actually, there is specifically a 100 percent opportunity you will certainly not get baked from drinking bong water no matter your pure stoner intentions, together there is not sufficient THC in ~ the water because that you to feel the effects. And also the amount of THC that is present, is highly diluted and also mixed in with many other damaging particles.


Also, neither THC or CBD space water-soluble, so there is no means to obtain baked drinking bong water.


Bong water is typically exposed to light, which go a an excellent job in degrading cannabinoids like THC and CBD. In fact, the small amount the stays current in the water is heavily diluted and mixed with numerous harmful toxins and components. 


It doesn’t issue if it’s water that originates from a water pipe, dab rig, bubbler, or a hammer bubbler, all water used as a filtration medium offers no psychosis effects.

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Humans are curious creatures. And also fortunately so, since now we know that the idea of drinking bong water to get high is never a great idea.


That said, you need to be aware that over there is no actual data nor proof that drinking bong water gets you stoned.


Let’s say that you would require 5mg the THC to gain that psychoactive effect we every know and love. There space 1000 micrograms that THC per mg, which method you would need to take 5000 micrograms to gain baked. Calculated, this method you would have to drink 2.5 liters the bong water to gain high. Gross!


We haven’t also got right into all the possibly damaging effects of drink bong water. Keep analysis to learn more!