I normally charge the PS3 controller by connecting it to the PS3 if its idling, however I assumption: v it"s much simpler to fee it with my pcs USB port.

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Would this work?



some USBs are considered "powered" USBs. This will assistance the controller. No powered will certainly not. To say "any USB port" is inxorrect.
The PS3 controllers were designed before USB charging was standardised (DCP), therefore they have to do some basic negotiation with the organize they"re connected to before they"ll charge.

All the made for ps3 chargers have actually a simple chip in lock which speak the controller it can charge up.


With respect to charging the controller through a PC: If the controller does not start charging once plugged in to your computer (for me, light to be on/solid), open machine Manager, uncover the game controller detailed under human being Interface Devices, disable the controller making use of the right-click paper definition menu, unplug the controller, plug the controller earlier in, and the controller have to start charging (light(s) on/blinking). I simply verified this procedure works on windows 8.1



Yes the PS3 controller have the right to be fee from a USB port on a computer, and there are additionally specialised controller charging stations available. It appears that generic AC-to-USB adapters won"t work, possibly due to the fact that the controller requires an equipment drivers top top the organize or some sort of "handshake" in order to charge.


Yes. As lengthy as her charger can effectively negotiate with the thing is that charging from, it will work. The possibilities depend top top a many things.

Experience: I have actually tried this efficiently with my laptop.

Can also be a bad cable. That was my difficulty I had to gain a brand-new cable online. After ns did it worked like a charm.

And yes they are right you"ll have actually to affix to a hold to charge the controller. A basic usb wall surface plug won"t do it.

Yes charging on computer works. Had actually mine plugged in through a USB 4 means port took eras to finish the handshake, for this reason my detect this thread be patience It"ll start blinking eventually.

I"m charging my PS3 controller using a portable back-up power supply ideal now, it likewise worked through my PC as well as my laptop. It worked with my wall surface fastcharger because that my Motorola yet not the wall surface chargers for my notebook, i-phone, no one Samsung.

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PS3 controllers will not charge making use of a wall charger, but they will certainly charge once using a USB cable connected to a computer or any type of other port.

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