i am debating whether to obtain a cheap high present 12V power supply together with a voltage regulator or an high-quality high present 5V strength supply because that my project. Ns need about 50W total at 5 volts, i beg your pardon I can do in the two ways listed.

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I can acquire a 5V 10A strength supply for around $24. I can obtain a 12V 5A strength supply for around $10. Nobody of them include shipping, they both have actually 5.5x2.1mm plugs, and also are both indigenous UK Amazon.

However, I currently have a great 12V 6A (6A not 5A) power supply laying around, i m sorry I can use no problem. Have the right to I turn among these basically right into a 5V 10A supply? It can be higher than 10A, yet my concern is just how much current I would lose in heat and also conversion. How much would among those regulators cost?


6A strength Supply. The just thing necessary is a "good" Step-Down Converter (aka: Buck-Converter). Because, her existing it is provided can deliver up come 72W that power, through the minimum efficiency of around 70% that Buck converter, friend can acquire 50W in ~ the output. And as the required voltage is 5V and also input obtainable is 12V, you require "Buck" type DC-DC Converter.

You can construct it your me or purchase ready-made. Simply google them!


This is exactly where a Buck converter comes into use. Its accessible in market with wide variety of input - calculation DC Voltage and also Power. And they have usually an efficiency of above 80%.


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