Betta fish and goldfish are probably the most popular species for novice aquarium owners, but different types of fish require very different living environment and nutrition. Goldfish need a 10-gallon or larger aquarium and prefer a tank filled with cooler water. Betta fish thrive in smaller, warmer fish tanks. Feeding betta fish food once or twice to goldfishwill not kill the goldfish, but the digestive system and long-term nutritional requirements of goldfish are very different from betta fish.But what will happen if you feed Betta food to a goldfish?

What to Feed Goldfish

What is the difference between the diet of goldfish and betta?While exploring whether goldfish can eat Betta foods, let's look at the dietary structure of these fish in the wild and in aquariums.Betta fish are carnivores. In the wild, they eat almost everything, from worms to insects to small fish.In fact, proteins make up 70% of their intake in the wild. To replicate this, most commercial betta fish foods contain about 50% protein.Goldfish, on the other hand, are omnivores and require protein and vegetables.Their digestive system is different from that of bettas. Excessive protein intake can cause various problems, including gas, swim bladder disease, and even kidney failure if they eat too much.Best selling aquarium food feeder:shrimp feeding dishaquarium worm feederautomatic aquarium feeder

What food does betta eat?


For betta, the best food is live foods, although it is unlikely to always be found. That's why most betta owners use frozen or freeze-dried commercial alternatives.Betta fish are surface eaters, so the food bought fromonline stores is formulated to float. The food you find on the pet store's shelves is freeze-dried and is one of the easiest options. In addition, bettas also like to eat it.Pellets are another option. They are made specifically for betta fish and provide protein and vitamins to help them maintain bright colors, but be careful not to eat too much. One pellet at a time, twice a day is the best amount.Another reason not to overfeed pellets is that they sink very quickly, so they are more likely to cause problems with water and ammonia levels.There are also Betta flakes available. Betta fish will eat them, but they are not the best choice. They usually do not have enough protein to satisfy betta.In addition, they quickly sink into the bottom of the tank and dissolve in the water, which makes them almost impossible to clean up.The betta fish auto feeder will be a helper for you to feed betta fish.

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What food do goldfish eat?

In the wild, goldfish eat a variety of foods, including plants, insects, and even crustaceans.Although you cannot fully adjustthis diet, a rich variety can keep your goldfish healthy and allow them to grow to reach their full potential.Goldfish are not very picky, they will eat whatever you give them. That's why you know how important it is to incorporate the right things into their diet.Commercial goldfish food is different from betta fish food because it contains less protein and more carbohydrates.That's why it's important to use food prepared specifically for goldfish rather than ordinary fish food.

Can goldfish eat what betta eats?

Goldfish can occasionally eat the betta food as a way to get protein, but you should let goldfish eat less and feed themonce a week as a special treat.Goldfish prefer to eat food that has sunk in the middle or bottom of the fish tank, so if you give betta food to the goldfish, the goldfish will not eat ituntil it sinks.Watch this very carefully, as any food placed on the bottom of the tank can break down, causing the ammonia content in the aquarium to rise.Besides goldfish food, what else can goldfish eat?If you run out of goldfish food, or just want to find something special for your aquarium pet, you can feed your goldfish with something you can find in the kitchen. These choices should be used with caution, but as a good supplement to your fish's daily diet.It’s mentioned that goldfish are omnivores, but their diet comes mainly from vegetables, so it's safe to add vegetablesas the supplement. Try peas with the shells removed, blanches broccoli, or small pieces of oranges, zucchini, or cucumber.You can also occasionally provide brine shrimp or freeze-driedbloodworms, but remember that their main diet should be vegetables and fiber.If you are going to feed your goldfish with this kind of food, it is best to do it before changing the water. Any uneaten food can cause problems, but this food can become particularly dirty.

Get the Right Food for your fish

In general, feeding goldfish with beta food is not a good idea. The two species have little in common and their dietary needs are different. Betta fish need much more protein than goldfish, which can cause many problems over time.If you want to give your goldfish a special treat every so often, several times a month, but not more than once a week, give them a bit of beta food.

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Exceeding this amount can cause digestion problems of goldfish or somethingeven worse.When you are feeding your fish, it is always important to do some research. Some people may think that "fish is fish", but the fact is that betta fish and goldfish are two completely different creatures.Giving them the right food can help them stay happy and healthywith might be also interested in:How to Choose Ornamental Fish FeedHow Do You Feed a Betta Fish?Feeding and Care for Your Fish on Holiday or VacationFeed Tropical FishEasily Feed Fish in the Aquarium When on Vacation