In the wild, parakeets live in flocks, therefore they love company. There room still ‘pecking order’ issues, though, and also a brand-new member will certainly be challenged, come make certain they ‘know their place’.

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New birds also need a period of quarantine, to make certain they’re healthy. Keep new birds far from the other(s) for four weeks, in a different cage. After the very first week, if there room no wellness issues, relocate the cage close to the various other birds, to get the birds used to every other.

The first physical call the birds make without bars between them have to take ar in the cage the birds space going come live in together. If this is the created bird’s territory, having a great clean out and also swapping the cage fittings about will do it a reasonably neutral space. Put food train station on opposite political parties of the cage, so that the parakeets deserve to feed independently if they want to.

Male parakeets live together happily most of the time

If you’re very unlucky, among the parakeets may end up being bullied, and his health will suffer. Periodically the only option is to placed either the bully or the victim in a separate cage. This dilemma is really uncommon, though.

Keeping Male and also Female Parakeets Together

If she limiting you yourself to two pet parakeets, a cock and also a hen will gain on really well. That course, at some allude their thoughts will turn to nests and also eggs, yet you have the right to discourage lock by making sure there room no potential nesting holes in the cage (i.e. Anything in the cage v a hollow, consisting of coconut shells or various other toys that could be adapted into nests). If the tools room not available, two (or more) birds deserve to live happily and celibately together.

Neutering her parakeets is no a good option – the birds often die ~ the operation.

Keeping mrs Parakeets Together

There’s been part nonsense created over the years about hen parakeets being much more aggressive and also noisier than males. Most of that is sexist nonsense, though. Hen cohabit perfect well many of the time, and actually squabble much less than males, usually.

Parakeets and cockatiels usually get along simply fine, given plenty of space

Another important detail in a mixed aviary is food. All birds have different dietary requirements, and all the residents of her aviary will must fed properly. Keep on eye top top things, and also make sure the cockatiels (for example) space not eating the lot!

The nightmare script is as soon as a skittish parakeet lives with one intimidating larger bird. In these scenarios you will need to step in and rescue the victim native the bully.

Keeping Parakeets and Finches Together

Parakeets and also Zebra finches usually acquire on fine in one aviary, as long as there’s many space. If the ‘keets feeling crowded, they may take it out on the finches.

A parakeet ~ above a crested pigeon - not an ideal situation, as even a friendly parakeet has actually a really sharp beak

In many cases, the birds will keep themselves to themselves. Keep an eye on things, though, as a parakeet"s beak is a spicy weapon, also in play. The commonest dove types found in pet stores are the Diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata) and also The Crested pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes), and the Ring-necked dove (Streptopelia Risoria), and also all are perfect for large, combined aviaries wherein the dove is the biggest bird in the enclosure.

Keeping Parakeets in separate Cages

Parakeets should be preserved apart if among them is being bullied. Mating birds will need their own an are too.

If friend are presenting a new bird come an existing set up, stable it in through a separate cage is best. Place it close come the created birds so the they have the right to all acquire used to every other. This is particularly important if your enhancement is a young bird, as he will be really nervous to start with, and easily bullied.

Keeping Parakeets heat in Winter

Parakeets room from Australia, therefore they’re used to the heat. ~ above the various other hand, they carry out not favor the cold. At home birds must not be retained in a cold, unheated room during the winter. Anything listed below 46F will feel chilly to them. In general, if the ambient temperature is comfortable for you, it will certainly be comfortable for her parakeet.

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A cold parakeet will fluff out its feathers and also sit quietly. If girlfriend live in a cold place, a cover end the cage in ~ night will assist retain heat. If things space really cold, you’ll need to heat the room or the aviary. In the winter you’ll require to examine the water too, to make certain it hasn’t frozen.

Parakeets are happy outdoors, as lengthy as they"re warmth enough

An open fire to heat an indoor room isn’t hazardous to parakeets, (as long as all the exhilaration is going increase the chimney). If this is the only source of heat, however, the room will quickly cool down during the night; so, again, make certain the room is maintained as cosy together possible.