But, the end of interest, what if friend did? This question is asked repetitively on the web, through with plenty of answers smugly stating that also tiny amounts of acetone will instantly kill you, you idiot. Yet they provide no evidence.

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Fact #1: Acetone bottles space scary looking

Certainly, this doesn’t look like something you’d desire to placed in her body:


Fact #2: her body normally produces and also disposes that acetone.

Acetone naturally occurs in plants. Her liver to produce acetone as soon as metabolizing fat. If you fast, have actually diabetes, or exercise really hard, friend produce more acetone. If you follow a ketogenic diet, you create more. (Acetone is a “ketone”!) little amounts that acetone room naturally existing in her blood and urine, the latter being exactly how you remove it.

Fact #3: Diabetes can cause your breath to smell prefer acetone.

Insulin is required to failure glucose and provide energy to cells. Diabetics have actually trouble either creating or making use of insulin. Thus, their bodies might burn fat instead. Burning lots of fat produces lots of acetone, enough to influence the breath. (This is a serious difficulty if that occurs.)

Fact #4: drink acetone will make you no think so great no more.

Fisher Scientific’s MSDS provides the following results for acetone:

Ingestion: May cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. May cause systemic toxicity v acidosis. Might cause main nervous mechanism depression, characterized by excitement, complied with by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and also nausea. Progressed stages may cause collapse, unconsciousness, coma and feasible death because of respiratory failure.

Sounds serious! Except, five wait, ns made a “mistake”. The was the list of results for ethanol. Here are the impacts for acetone:

Ingestion: May reason irritation the the digestive tract. Might cause central nervous system depression, defined by excitement, followed by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and also nausea. Progressed stages may reason collapse, unconsciousness, coma and possible death because of respiratory failure. Aspiration the material into the lung may reason chemical pneumonitis, which may be fatal.

Remind you of anything?

Fact #5: Acetone is more than likely marginally more toxic 보다 ethanol.

In animals, the dental LD50 because that acetone ranges from 3 g/kg in mice to 5.8 g/kg in rats. Because that ethanol the is around 7.3 g/kg because that both mice and rats.

This says you’d must drink something like an entire bottle the nail-polish remover to be at risk of dying: If the mouse numbers translate to humans, someone who weighs 80kg (180lb) would have to drink 240g the acetone to have actually a 50% chance of death. Standard nail-polish remover party contain roughly 200ml and also are 98% acetone.

The same person would need to consume about 584 ml of grain alcohol to have the same risk.

Fact #6: Acetone is usually Recognized together Safe (GRAS) through the FDA.

For far better or worse, food manufacturers can put acetone in food and sell it to you without trial and error for safety. This seems to be usual with spice oleoresins (concentrated develops of spices).

Fact #7: part insane internet human being drank acetone and also didn’t die.

In a subject on bluelight, Psychedelic Jay reports:

So far 1 ml that pure acetone in 10 ml the water.Effects: slim sedation, straightforward going feeling of euphoria, very similar but smoother 보다 ethanol intoxication.Heart rate boosted by 6-10 win a minute…Blood pressure precisely the same…

While pino says:

So one night, ns took 20ml strong diluted, a dose which shouldn’t death you. The taste was masked by mixing it through fruit juice, which made it actually pleasantly to sip. Contempt fruity.In about half an hour, a pleasant warm sedation spread out over mine body. That felt like a clean alcohol intoxication. Nothing come strong, but really relaxing. I guess it took me for an hour of 10. Over there is no hangover.

Both of this are continual with the idea the acetone has impacts that are comparable to alcohol. All the other comments in that thread, the course, to speak “what, room you crazy?”.

Fact #8: You shouldn’t drink acetone.

There’s no reason to carry out so. The (presumably) disgusting. It’s really flammable. The effects haven’t to be studied nearly as much as alcohol’s. And also I could be wrong about all of this.

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But intend acetone had specifically the same results as ethanol. Yes, that would average that “acetone is together safe as alcohol”. However it would also mean that “alcohol is together dangerous as acetone”. That’s most likely the wiser interpretation.