They space delightful in a emboldened or just by themselves, but can dogs eat graham crackers? prior to you share your snacks with your pet, read this guide.

There space so many popular brands and also different species of graham crackers too that it deserve to be confusing. This guide will re-superstructure information around each that the many popular types of graham crackers and how for sure or dangerous they space for her dog.


For can be fried pet safety, i recommend consulting v your vet around all the questions you have about your dog eat graham crackers.

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Can dogs Eat Graham CrackersAre Graham Crackers great For Dogs?Can dog Eat love husband Graham Crackers?Graham Crackers for DogsDogs and also Graham Crackers: different TypesCan dog Eat Annie’s Organic bunny GrahamsCan dogs Eat honey Maid Graham CrackersCan dogs Eat Keebler GrahamsCan dog Eat Nabisco GrahamsCan dog Eat Scooby Doo Graham CrackersCan dog Eat Cinnamon Graham Crackers?Can dog Eat cacao Graham Crackers?Can dog Eat Gluten-Free Graham Crackers?Can dog Eat Peanut Butter Graham Crackers?Dogs and Nabisco love husband Maid Grahamfuls Peanut Butter filled CrackersCan dog Eat Graham Cracker Crust?Final Thoughts

Can dogs Eat Graham Crackers

Milo wondering about graham crackers.

If given the choice, I’m certain your dog would certainly eat as plenty of graham crackers as you offered them. Yet how safe is it?

Graham crackers fall under the “only sometimes and in moderation” category of human foods. There are some graham crackers that dogs must never eat any of – anything with chocolate or xylitol in it.

Most varieties of graham crackers space safe for dogs come eat a tiny amount the on rarely occasions. They space not healthy for your pet and could bring about long hatchet health impacts such together obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

This is since graham crackers room high in calories and also sugar, which are contributing factors to one unhealthy load (and related wellness issues) for your dog.

Are Graham Crackers an excellent For Dogs?

Graham crackers space non-toxic, but they room not an excellent nor healthy for dogs. Also though a dog deserve to safely eat a couple of graham crackers without acquiring sick, dogs should not eat foods items that are high in sugar.

Eating too lot sugar and also calories deserve to lead to load gain and a bunch of various other health results such together heart disease, blood sugar issues, and also could also harm their teeth.

Can dogs Eat honey Graham Crackers?

Honey graham crackers room safe for dogs come eat, however they need to still stop them. Perform not offer your dog snacks with any kind of included sugars in them – this includes honey, syrup, or sugar.

If her dog eats honey graham crackers, they will probably be fine. Just don’t permit your dog come eat them consistently or a bunch of them in ~ once.

Graham Crackers for Dogs

When you find for graham cracker dog treats, girlfriend won’t discover much. Most of the cookie or cracker type of dog treats room flavored v a meaty taste due to the fact that dogs yes, really love meat.

There are a couple of DIY graham cracker recipes because that dogs that you deserve to make in ~ home. This recipe from The Cottage industry is literally made through graham flour, cinnamon, bananas, peanut butter, and also brown sugar. There isn’t much brown street in them, which makes them healthier for her pet 보다 store-bought crackers.

This recipe from unable to do To The eye Dogs uses coconut milk, coconut flour, tapioca flour, and a tiny bit the molasses. It’s really high in protein and low in sugar, therefore it’s far better for her pet.

Dogs and Graham Crackers: Different varieties

Let’s watch at every the various brands and species of graham cracker snacks out there and also how safe they are for her pet. Find your favourite ones and also learn a little much more about them.

Can dogs Eat Annie’s Organic rabbit Grahams


The good thing around them is that they room made with all essential ingredients, so friend don’t have to worry around pesticides or any kind of of the junk.

However, they space still really high in calories and also sugar. The second-highest ingredient in castle is essential cane sugar. It has actually 22 grams of carbs in the too. While this won’t hurt her dog, friend shouldn’t let them eat too many of them really often.

Can dog Eat love husband Maid Graham Crackers

The good thing around these crackers is they don’t have actually sugar together the 2nd ingredient. However, there room still 140 calories in one offer (8 crackers).

The most-used ingredient in lock is the flours and oils. This is all pretty for sure for dogs, however not a healthy selection and you need to limit how numerous they eat.

Can dog Eat Keebler Grahams

Keebler grahams have lots the the very same ingredients and calories together the love husband Maid and Annie’s organic. The second ingredient in the perform is sugar and also there space 130 calories in 8 crackers.

These space technically safe for dogs, but it’s no a good idea to feeding them a lot of them every the time.

Can dogs Eat Nabisco Grahams

Nabisco grahams have a lot much more flour in them a small less sugar than the Keebler ones. There is still 130 calories in 8 crackers, however 24 grams that carbs. That method there are an ext carbs in these than the Keebler ones.

Sugar is still really high in the perform of ingredients, so friend should try to keep them away from your pet.

Can dog Eat Scooby Doo Graham Crackers

They could be shaped like bones, yet these space not a good idea to offer to your pet. Sugar is the second ingredient in the list and also there are 130 calorie in simply 9 tiny pieces. This high-calorie snack is not great for dogs.

Can dogs Eat Teddy Grahams


Teddy Grahams are one more high-calorie snack that aren’t healthy for her pet to eat a lot of of. In 24 pieces, there are 120 calories and also 21 grams the carbs.

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They space made with sugar and honey i m sorry sounds much better than high fructose corn syrup, however your dog’s human body digests all 3 of them the exact same way.

Can dogs Eat Cinnamon Graham Crackers?


Cinnamon is no toxic for your pet. Having actually a little bit of cinnamon baked into the cracker won’t harm your pet. It’s in reality the sugar and also the carbohydrate in the crackers that are much more dangerous than the cinnamon.

Can dogs Eat coco Graham Crackers?

There isn’t enough chocolate in a few graham crackers to cause serious damage to your pet. You have to still practice caution v anything the contains any cocoa powder or coco in it.

It’s a good idea to just keep the cacao grahams far from her dog.

Can dog Eat Gluten-Free Graham Crackers?

Yes, dogs can safely eat gluten-free graham crackers as lengthy as castle don’t have any type of xylitol in them. If your dog has actually a gluten-intolerance, this crackers will certainly be more secure than typical graham crackers that are made v wheat flour.

You should still center how countless crackers they eat and also how typically they eat them.

Can dog Eat Peanut Butter Graham Crackers?

Peanut butter graham crackers are generally safe because that dogs. Peanut butter is wonderful source the protein and also lots of civilization use the in your homemade dog treats.

The problem is that many peanut butter graham crackers are likewise really high in sugar. Let’s look at the most popular brands.

Dogs and Nabisco honey Maid Grahamfuls Peanut Butter fill Crackers

These graham crackers come and also go from grocery stores and also at the moment of creating this article, they were the end of stock at a lot of retailers.

These are graham crackers through peanut butter in the center to make a sandwich. Every sandwich cracker has around 120 calorie in it, for this reason it’s no a healthy choice for her dog.

Dogs and also Nabisco love husband Maid Grahamfuls Peanut Butter and Chocolate filled Crackers

Even despite there most likely isn’t enough chocolate in the Grahamful to damage your dog, you must still save these far from them. Dogs have sensitive stomachs and also even a little amount might upset it.