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Call that Duty: black Ops 2ushers in the return that the cooperative Zombies mode. This time they are on a bus. Well, you space on a bus, the zombies are trying to obtain a complimentary ride. We've compiled a comfortable FAQ together acompendium to our database entry. This is everything you should know around Call of Duty: black color Ops 2's cooperative experience spelled out in plain English.

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Does contact of Duty: black Ops 2 attribute a co-op campaign?

There is no project co-op in black color Ops 2. The game attributes two settings of Zombies and also multiplayer versus bots.

How numerous players have the right to play Call that Duty: black Ops 2 in your ar (couch co-op)?

Four players can play break-up screen co-op top top one system.

How numerous players deserve to play Call of Duty: black Ops 2 via system attach or LAN?

Four players can play via LAN or system attach including combo co-op v various number of local players every system.

How plenty of players have the right to play Call of Duty: black Ops 2 online?

Four players deserve to play online together in the Zombies settings of Tranzit and also Survival.

Is a gold Membership required for added players in combo co-op on the 360?

Yes. An online video game can just be play if every players have actually a yellow account. Otherwise girlfriend are limited to neighborhood co-op play.

How plenty of players space supported in combo co-op?

Four players room supported in both LAN and online play. You can play any mix of players and also systems consisting of two break-up screen players with an additional two split screen players. (Four players on two systems)

What room the split-screen layouts for couch co-op?


Two Player Split-Screen Layout in black Ops 2


Three Player Split-Screen Layout in black color Ops 2


Four Player Split-Screen Layout in black color Ops 2

Can ns drop in or out of a game in progress?

You deserve to drop out of a video game in progress, however you can't drop into one currently in progress.

What room the network options of Call the Duty: black color Ops 2?

Custom Private, publicly Matchmaking, mechanism Link, Local

Do adversaries scale based upon the number of players?

There seems to be part scaling top top zombie count based on the variety of players.

What is the goal of Survival?

Survival maps take place on smaller subsections the the Tranzit video game mode. You room tasked through defending one area and surviving as plenty of waves that zombies together possible. As you kill zombies and also rebuild structures you will certainly be provided money come buy weapons, unlock new areas, and purchase perks.

What is the score of Tranzit?

Like survival, other than a bit faster paced. A bus take away you in between infested areas and also the zombie are capable of attacking the bus.

Are there any type of hidden objectives in the zombie mode?

Teddy bear return again to offer you bonus points and also there are said to be numerous Easter Eggs neighboring the various personalities in every of the maps.

Do i earn XP in the direction of multiplayer in Zombies?

No, zombie is fully separate setting of play. A certain gametype in Zombies, dubbed Grief, does sell a 4 vs 4 suffer in i beg your pardon you have separate unlocks. But these space not supplied in the game's various other multiplayer modes.

How plenty of maps are there in Zombies?

There is one Tranzit map (which includes the other maps), 3 Survival maps (Bus Depot, Town, Farm), and also two Grief maps (Town, Farm).

What go Call that Duty: black Ops 2's season pass acquire you?

The Call that Duty: black color Ops 2 season pass expenses $49.99 and will allow you come download of 4 "epic map packs." over the food of a year. An ext details have the right to be uncovered here. It likewise includes the Nuketown 2025 map for Zombies.

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What occurred to Combat Training? deserve to I play the compete multiplayer in co-op against bots?

Combat maintain is over there in essence, but the surname itself has actually been removed. If you choose an offline, system link, or Custom game you can include bots that varying challenge to your match to fill out the roster. You can play on any of the game's 12 maps.