John. John is the narrator, protagonist, and archetypal, “everyman” hero of the story. John’s father. John’s father, also named John, is the head priest of the Hill People. The Dead God.

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What are the old writings in the story by the waters of Babylon?

The old books and writings that John learns to read are most likely books and writings that were left over from the time before the world was destroyed. John tells his readers that priests are allowed to go to the Dead Places.

What are the dead places in by the waters of Babylon?

The Dead Places and Places of the Gods are cities where humans lived before the apocalypse. There was some kind of apocalyptic event, which is known as the Great Burning. It was probably some kind of nuclear bomb because “fire fell out of the sky.” It killed all of the people, but left the world inhabitable.

What is the main message of By the Waters of Babylon?

The main theme of ”By the Waters of Babylon” is that knowledge can be attained too fast. The narrator and his father discuss this idea as the older man warns about revealing everything he has seen in the Place of the Gods.

What can we learn from by the waters of Babylon?

John discovers that knowledge of a once-frightening thing can diminish his fear of that thing. The priests teach John chants, spells, and other secrets. He learns how to read and write in the “old way,” and how to heal wounds.

Who did John decide the gods?

Expert Answers At the end of the short story “By the Waters of Babylon,” John, the protagonist, decides that the gods were not actually gods. Instead, he decides that they were men. For most of the story, John takes for granted that the beings who made the dead places were gods.

What does John discover about the place of the gods?

What does John discover to be untrue about the Place of the Gods? He discovers that there is only water magic and no fire magic in the Place of the Gods. He discovers that the Place of the Gods was never truly destroyed.

What does the narrator tell about the place of the gods?

In By the Waters of Babylon, by Stephen Benet,What does the narrator tell about the Place of the Gods? It is across the great river, but no one is allowed to look upon it or say its name. Spirits and demons live there, and there are ashes from the Great Burning.

What vision does John have one night in a dream?

John saw a vision of the Dead Place where the gods walked that used to be New York. John’s world is one that exists in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, after the Great Burning.

What does the narrator want to do when he is chief priest?

When he realizes this, he wants his people to progress. He wants them to learn more. He wants them to go back to “newyork” and learn more about the ancient civilization. Above all, he wants them to become more technologically advanced.

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What does John believe he should do with the knowledge he has gained?

He believes that it is his duty to re-educate his people and begin restoring humanity to its former greatness. He plans to do this by slowly reintroducing the lost knowledge that can be found in the city of the gods (New York).