April 15, 1967, san Francisco, CA. The march turned up Fulton Street and continued come Kezar stadium in gold Gate Park. Source: Harvey Richards Media Archive.

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On April 15, 1967, amidst growing opposition to the U.S. War in Vietnam, large-scale anti-war protests were held in brand-new York, san Francisco, and many other cities.

In new York, the protest began in central Park, where much more 150 breeze cards were burned, and concluded at the United countries with speeches by Reverend martin Luther King Jr. And others.

Activist photographer Harvey Richards documented the san Francisco march which was so large that the group filled the Kezar Stadium. (See photos below and more here.)

One of ours teacher colleagues, Kipp Dawson, to be an organizer of the march and on the stage displayed in the 3rd photo. Read her memory of that day below.

Kipp Dawson, Pittsburgh center school teacher and also lifelong society justice activist, wrote to tell us,

Thank friend for sending out the collection of picture by Harvey Richards. Lock brought back many storage of the anti-war mobilization ~ above April 15, 1967, wherein I to be helping to greet speakers and arrange the stage. I was the “executive director” of that activity on the west coast, working through Dave Dellinger, James Bevel (whom boy name Luther king organization had sent to help us organize as soon as King had agreed to participate, and also as King to be preparing because that that historic “Beyond Vietnam” speech), along with many, many others. The day to be a transforming point for the anti-war motion — our first big demonstrations. King’s support definitely was pivotal. The movement had actually been growing quickly and strongly because the 1965 teach-ins versus the war. However none that us, on either coast, had any kind of idea how vast the turnout would certainly be the day.


April 15, 1967, mountain Francisco, CA. Showing up at Kezar, the protesters filled increase the whole Stadium. Source: Harvey Richards Media Archive.

I opened up the rally, speaking right into a mike native the facility of that stadium. In addition to welcome the huge assembly, I focused my short remarks ~ above saluting the then-nascent anti-war motion developing among active-duty GIs — come which the soccer stadium-filled group responded through a mighty roar the I deserve to still hear. On that stage, i sat somewhere in between Coretta Scott King and Judy Collins, one of the an initial singers come publicly protest the war.

The media coverage was rather horrible. In fact, in a front page write-up in the Sunday San Francisco Examiner the week before the march, Joan Baez was quoted call on civilization not to walk the march, as it was no a real peace demonstration, however a cover because that communist assistance of the Viet Cong. Ns was mentioned as proof, because I (21 at the time) was a member that the Socialist workers Party. (In mine opinion, Joan Baez has actually done so much to an ext than consist of for that mistake she made earlier then. She’s one of my favourite singer-songwriters now, as she had actually been before that error.)


April 15, 1967, san Francisco, CA. The march began at the foot of industry Street. Source: Harvey Richards Media Archive.

I just came across this transcript that HUAC hearings in 1968 (the government’s well known McCarthyite home Committee ~ above Un-American Activities). Mine sister youth activist Tracy Sims and also I (and my mom Ann Dawson) are discussed here together with lots of others, including countless arrested in the san Francisco civil rights demonstrations, naming united state as youngsters of Communists (which some of us were). As the vast turnout for the April 15, 1967, demonstrations illustrated, our motion was top top the upswing, but still gift harassed in a witch-hunt — a desperate attempt to avoid the history we to be making throughout this country and also around the world.

Today, when the recent brood that anti-human scum attempt to intimidate and also block the young justice fighters, it is essential that lock know about the vault generations who likewise prevailed over ignorance and also fear — simply as mine generation take it courage native those in who footsteps us followed. The stand Rock/Water is Life and Black Lives matter leaders present us the toughness we can acquire from those whose battles paved the method for united state over generations and centuries. We room the history and the future. We require to recognize the previous as we build for the future, both of which are grounded in a vision i beg your pardon feeds us and binds united state together, and also makes our lives rich.

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The Zinn education and learning Project offers resources for teaching external the textbook around the opposition to the Vietnam War, consisting of Dr. King’s speech at Riverside Church previously that month.