O.T. Genasis Remakes Keyshia Cole’s ‘Love’ Hit and It’s Hilariously Terrible

Oh O.T. Genasis. Leave it come him to switch up a Keyshia Cole classic in his very own way.

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The rapper channeled the songstress in a video clip shared Thursday (Dec. 5).

He belted out Keyshia Cole’s “Love,” i beg your pardon was initially released back in 2005.

Upon clicking on the video, the an ext than 400,000 world who have actually watched it so far heard and saw O.T. Genasis singing the iconic lyrics.

“I supplied to think that ns wasn’t fly enough.”

But anyone who knows the tune knows that switched up the lyrics once he sang,

“Cause the homies told me i wasn’t wild enough”

instead of

“And I offered to think that i wasn’t wild enough”

He continued and sang,

“But currently I’m sitting earlier trying to figure out, how to cock and also aim for this reason I deserve to chalk em out.”

On the part, Keyshia Cole actually sang,

“But ns won’t waste mine time tryin’ to figure out why friend playin’ games… What’s this every about?”

He walk on come sing,

“It’s killing me, your third degree, i shot my op from a distance. What you check out in cuz girlfriend don’t watch in me as soon as I’m done, you gon know, ain’t make believe… therefore cuzzz… never knew that ns was crippin, if a n***a get to trippin I’m a ride…”

Keyshia Cole actually sang,

“Oh, love, never ever knew what ns was missing, but I knew when we start kissin’, ns found, love”

There’s just so lot we have the right to say about O.T. Genasis’s version though. It’s among those points you need to hear for yourself. Inspect it out.

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A article shared by O.T. GENASIS (
otgenasis) ~ above Dec 5, 2019 in ~ 12:00pm PST

After that, it’s for sure to say we have to hear the original.

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Keyshia Cole hasn’t responded yet.

Are you feeling O.T. Genasis’s version? Tell united state in the comments!

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Authored by: Char Patterson
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