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What"s it worth? Browning BPS
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January 27, 2006, 03:27 PM#1

I bought a browning 12ga pump shotgun at a pawn shop. The barrel reads invector plus bps special steel 12ga 2 3/4 and 3" field model 30". I also got another barrel with it that reads bps special steel 12ga 2 3/4 and 3" deer special model 22". I paid $500 for all. I haven"t been able to find much on the net so I turn here for help. Did I get taken? Thanks

January 27, 2006, 10:35 PM#2

Just a thought, but the barrels alone would have cost you more than $500. If the gun is relatively new and in pretty good condition, I"d say you got a hell of a deal. They are nice guns, especially if there is a possible left handed shooter, because they are a ambidextrous gun. Great deal and good luck hunting.

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$500 is full price... not a bargainIf the gun is exceptionally "clean" you did OK...If the gun has a selector for locking the magazine... you did real well.They don"t make them with that feature anymore.The gun itself is an excellent shotgun...
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Thanks for the replies. It is in very good condition. I haven"t fired it yet but looking foward to it . Again thanks for the info.
In that case, you did indeed, get a bargain...It"s difficult for me to think of "quality stuff" coming from a Pawn Shop.I own two BPS"s and love them...Does yours have a magazine lock?
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I recently bought a Browning BPS for $200, after consulting the expert opinion on this forum. The barrel inscription reads, "INVECTOR BPS SPECIAL STEEL 12GA-2 3/4" AND 3" FIELD MODEL 28"". I got a "DoskoSport" (plastic) case with it too. How did I do? Thanks.

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A mag lock can be set to hold all rounds in the magazine while the shootercan load in one round at a time... allows the action to be open while the magazine is still closed... either for "picking" the type of round or for shooting clays. Very convenient and it meant that the BPS could be reasonably competitive for clays... It is a ring at the rear of the magazine which can be turned from side to side. "S" for Single shot and "R" for Repeat If you don"t have it, it is "no biggy"... but if you do have it... that"s cool.
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Bought a slightly used camo 12ga 3.5 26" barrel last week for $325.Used 3" steel and blue models are going for $200.
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