There"s for sure no shortage of boy stars who seemingly appeared in a ton that projects, and also then just disappeared. Every those adorable kids who starred in movies or tv shows when they were younger — think macacayy Culkin or Mara Wilson – quit acting eventually, and also some former child stars have even stopped showing up in publicly altogether. Take, for instance, the Rosso twins. Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso, or Milly and Becky together they preferred to be called, appeared in rather a couple of noteworthy films and television shows before they threw in the towel permanently. The twin blonde beauties were recognized for their luscious locks and adorable accents, so whereby did they go?

As it turns out, figuring out what the Rosso twins are up to currently is rather difficult. The girl haven"t done lot notable public work-related in years, and in all honesty, it type of looks like they fell off of the map entirely. Every little thing the case, though, in order to know what"s really up v the Rosso twins, you need to go ago and look at your career from beginning to end, due to the fact that it"s complicated.

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If you"ve ever before seen the Rosso twins act, then you recognize that lock speak with a brothers accent. And also while Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso obviously stayed in America while they were acting and also working, they"re initially from England, something castle were particularly proud of.

In an interview v Kidz World, Becky defined that she and her sister really enjoyed the suffer of living in both England and also the united States. "We"ve resided in Los Angeles for about 3 and also a half years," she claimed in the 2009 chat. "We love America! we love the weather in California and also everyone"s been so friendly to us, yet we do miss our family and also friends in England, so we go earlier every summer when we can." 

Becky also included that the 2 didn"t have actually too difficult of a time adjusting to life in America, as there weren"t a many changes. "We have school, homework, we go and also see a movie at the weekend v our friends, and also we walk to the purchase mall in both places," she continued, despite she did note that american don"t drink almost as much tea together English people do.

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If you watched the Disney Channel during the mid-to-late 2000s, climate you probably watched The Suite Life the Zack and also Cody. The series followed twins Zack and also Cody as they stayed in a luxury hotel through their single mother. The present was largely focused on the twin boys, but soon, two new characters do an appearance: British pair girls, played by none other than the Rosso twins.

The Suite Life that Zack and Cody truly released the Rosso twins" careers, however the means that happened is interesting. In one interview with Kidz World, Camilla Rosso described how they acquired their start. "We checked out a live taping that The Suite Life that Zack and also Cody i m sorry is open up to the public, us were discovered by chance, by the executive, management producer that the show," she said. 

The producer asked the girls to audition, and also the rest is history. "We took exhilaration lessons for numerous months and we auditioned to it is in on one episode, and they liked how we play the characters, for this reason they placed us in 7 episodes!" Milly recalled. Hey, the was expected to be!

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Despite their loved one fame and fortune, the Rosso twins didn"t always have the easy. In fact, growing up as the same twins showed pretty complicated for both Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso. The reason? They had actually to attend to misconceptions around twins, and it sometimes obtained to be almost painful because that them.

As Milly said Kidz World in an interview, "A common misconception around twins is the all twins deserve to sometimes think and feel what the other is thinking and feeling, but we"ve never ever experienced that!" Additionally, Milly recalled some times as soon as she and also Becky were nearly belittled just for gift twins. "Also, one downside to gift a pair is the some human being have been median to us because we"re twins," she continued. "They say twins creep lock out and identical twins make them feel uncomfortable, practically like clones!" 

Obviously, the Rosso twins made the finest of gift twins by landing exhilaration roles and launching an outstanding career at together a young age, for this reason anyone through misconceptions around twins to be proven wrong.

Because the Rosso twins had actually their large break top top The Suite Life that Zack and also Cody, that didn"t take lengthy for Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso come take your talents to the large screen. In 2009, they acquired to star in a spinoff of the lovely Reese Witherspoon flick Legally Blonde, Legally Blondes. The movie was obviously a huge deal for both Milly and Becky, together it marked their an initial film and also their an initial big roles because The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

And in an interview v Kidz World, Milly defined that they were so excited to work-related on the film. "Legally Blondes is around Elle Woods" British twin cousins, Izzy and also Annie Woods, who we play, who move from England with their dad, and also they walk to a yes, really posh prep school in California top top a Scholarship," she shared. 

Though the movie wasn"t specifically a shattering success, it was still a huge deal because that the Rosso twins, and made it show up as though your acting career was around to take it off.

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Even though Legally Blondes was a spinoff of Legally Blonde, and was even created by Reese Witherspoon — who"s undergone a stunning transformation — the movie didn"t actually attribute Witherspoon in it. But, while the Rosso pair were functioning on Legally Blondes, it wouldn"t be also shocking if they were dying to fulfill the original blonde bombshell herself. And also fortunately because that them, lock did.

As Rebecca Rosso described in one interview with Kidz World, Witherspoon was simply as lovely as you would imagine. "Before we began filming we had actually lunch with her," she recalled. "We were not disappointed once we met her due to the fact that she is so friendly and also chatty!" She included that Witherspoon to be caring and also kind, and that they were honored to work-related with her.

Camilla Rosso added that Witherspoon also sent castle cookies and a sweet note to aid ease their nerves prior to filming. Gaining to meet and work through Reese Witherspoon is many actors" dream, for this reason what happened after Legally Blondes wrapped was even an ext confusing.

Back in the late 2000s, it important looked like the Rosso twins to be on the brink of make it huge in Hollywood. The pair landed some an excellent acting roles, and all appeared well. Till it simply stopped.

It"s honestly unsure why, exactly, the Rosso twins quit acting. However one look at their respective IMDb pages and it becomes apparent that your last-ever acting duty was in The Suite Life top top Deck. Both Rebecca and also Camilla Rosso do a one-episode guest illustration in the show, which to be a spinoff that The Suite Life of Zack and also Cody

However, in an interview with Kidz World, Milly defined that castle were already working top top a job after Legally Blondes. "We space going to movie a pilot because that Disney Channel this summer, for this reason we"re maintaining our finger crossed the it will be choose up and made into a series," she said. Every little thing that pilot was, the obviously didn"t get picked up, and the Rosso twins" exhilaration careers involved a suddenly halt.

Whatever to be going ~ above in the Rosso twins" professional lives after lock filmed their final episode that The Suite Life top top Deck and wrapped on Legally Blondes, the two still flourished up a lot. In fact, Rebecca and also Camilla Rosso verified themselves to it is in wise past their years when they provided a 2009 interview through Portrait Magazine, and also shared some solid advice for young girls everywhere.

When request what they would certainly tell young girls who compare us to the human being in magazines, Camilla Rosso stated something really wise. "I would certainly tell lock to repeat themselves the these perfect human being you watch in magazines have had actually a lot of aid with hair, makeup, and lighting and also that nobody"s that perfect in actual life," she explained. "It"s actually much more important that you"re a great person ~ above the inside because you can"t fake that!" 

For young, teenage girls, the Rosso twins had a pretty an excellent grasp on self-esteem and also not holding yourself to anyone else"s standards however your own.

Perhaps among the factors why the Rosso twins stopped acting was because they wanted to beginning a different type of job — specifically, a music career. In their interview through Kidz World, Camilla Rosso described that music was something castle both really wanted to pursue. "Right now, we"re recording demos and working through Andre Recke, who has operated with boy name Duff due to the fact that Lizzie McGuire," she said. "We had actually a good time recording the song and also we"ve constantly loved singing and also dancing, so us hope to record an album in the future!" she added.

And release an ext music lock did. Follow to Distractify, the Rosso twins with their sister Lola and Georgina Rosso started a girl group, The Rosso Sisters. The team was signed by capital Records and represented by the Jonas Brothers" father. Clearly, they were on monitor to success and also their single, "Hola Hola" to be a smash hit on Radio Disney. 

The Rosso twins began to prioritize your music careers over acting, and also really placed their all into The Rosso Sisters.

The Rosso sisters toured Latin America through Demi Lovato – who"s gone through a stunning revolution — and opened because that her during her 2014 Neon Lights tourism (via Distractify). Really, their musical careers were just started to take off as soon as tragedy to win the Rosso family, and also they disbanded for the saddest reason.

In a 2015 Instagram post on The Rosso Sister"s page, they shared the disastrous reason why they were stepping far from music. "We room so very heartbroken and devastated that our beautiful mom Anthea passed away after fighting very tough battle with pancreatic cancer," the girls composed alongside a snapshot of their mother. "After lot thought and also consideration, us have decided not to carry on through our girl group and making music, and also to near this chapter in our lives."

Obviously, this couldn"t have been simple decision because that anyone in the group, yet the Rosso twins clearly needed to take a step earlier from the entertain industry.

Since the untimely passing of their mommy in 2015, the Rosso pair haven"t done anything else of keep in mind in the entertain industry. However, that dean"t typical that their an individual lives haven"t to be thriving.

When The Rosso sister announced lock were putting an end to their music career, they defined that in enhancement to the pass of their mother, over there was an additional reason they called it quits. "We"re soo sorry to anyone we"re disappointing, yet during these extremely an overwhelming past couple of months, ours hopes and dreams for the future have actually changed," they composed on Instagram. And also for Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso, those desires for the future could have included starting their own families.

Yes, it shows up as despite both that the Rosso twins have married. According to TV end Mind, Rebecca Rosso got married in 2018 to a male named Ben and also had all of her sisters together bridesmaids. Camilla Rosso likewise tied the node in 2018, proving the the Rosso twins truly do have actually a pretty unique twin connection.

Though the Rosso twins once had actually a promising acting career as well as a solid start in the music business with their girl group, The Rosso Sisters, the twins have actually basically been turn off the radar because 2015. Yes, seriously. While reports have stated that both Camilla and also Rebecca Rosso bound the node in 2018, and were in every others" weddings, they yes, really haven"t been active on social media come share their lives with their fans.

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In fact, the Rosso twins have basically abandoned your careers in the entertain industry and also have seemingly unable to do on to live normal, happy lives (via J-14). Even if it is or no they made a mindful decision to earlier away from the general public eye forever continues to be to it is in seen. 

The only thing that"s specific is that as much as most of the human being is concerned, Becky and also Milly Rosso just exist in their private lives. For all anyone knows, they can both be mothers by now, or have launched brand-new and interesting careers outside Hollywood. Every little thing the case, they stay a mystery, which could just it is in what castle wanted.