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Briggs and also Stratton Intek V-Twin 22 HP connecting rods swollen Just pull apart my Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin 22 HP and both connecting rods blew, looks choose they disintegrated. The electronic came shaft looks an excellent and the crank journals look ok. How do you recognize if that is precious rebuilding? The day code top top the engine is 041227YG. Any kind of Ideas?
IF the situations are together you describe, I would rebuild it. Connecting rods execute not "disintegrate" for no reason. Determining why that taken place would it is in my very first priority. Both connecting rods and no damages to crankshaft, very unusual. Connecting rods around $40 ea. And gasket collection in the range. Rings about that lot each set also. Cylinder wall surface wear would certainly be second thing to consider. Walt Conner

Wow, a little of forensic investigation is warranted. So numerous questions arise, as Walt has actually said. It can be rebuildable, however carefully number out the cause and the effects
Well i take the back, I removed the crank and also it looks favor my comments prior to where wish complete thinking. Check out the pictures looks prefer it take it a pretty great hit. Additionally the skirt ~ above one piston is broken. Doesn"t look great for a rebuild, what perform you guys think. Additionally I think I found out what happened. The extension pipe because that the oil drainpipe was very loosened where it screws right into the engine. Together I was acquisition the engine out ns noticed oil in the bottom that the maker and in the pulley for the deck belt. Ns am reasoning the oil leaked out the loose fitting there is no my notification and chef the engine. Anyone heard of the happening.?
I don"t think I"ve ever before seen one snap also one rod let alone both without many crank damage due to being run low on oil.Many world have good luck using muriatic mountain to clean off the aluminum ~ above the crank.

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From the photos it looks to me like that crank would certainly clean up just fine. Use some muriatic mountain to melt turn off the aluminum and then maybe polish it v some fairy good grit sandpaper 6 hundred or thousand.These points are rather forgiving except in short oil instances. It"s not choose they have bearing inserts. They just rely on loosened clearances and also a cushion the oil. Therefore as long as girlfriend smooth it out and also don"t have actually any big grooves that will capture your fingernail extremely, it will certainly be just fine. You deserve to probably uncover a provided piston that someone will almost give you as numerous of this engines punch up and also it"s no worth addressing them. For the price of 2 rods a base gasket and also a piston you must be earlier in service sounds like. That"s relatively cost-effective as lengthy as you"re law the occupational yourself. A good used running one in this area goes because that at the very least $200 if no 250-plus.