Brandon Lamar (possible half-brother), Micaiah Maraj (younger brother), Jelani Maraj (older brother), Ming Maraj (younger sister)



Date that birth: 1978

Nicki Minaj kept her relationships v Kenneth small in secret, probably, that’s why she didn’t confess to she fans the she had actually married the on October 21, 2019. She has actually just hinted with Instagram about the brand-new events in she life and changed her name to Mrs. Petty on Twitter.Kenneth and also the well-known rapper Nicki Minaj met as soon as both to be teens. They started dating countless years later, in December 2018. The pair tied a node after less than a year the love. After that Nicki hinted, that she dreamed to have kids.Mr. Petty is no that innocent as he seems. That is a registered sexual criminal, who invested some part of his life in prison after he had actually raped a 16-year-old girl. However now that seems, that Kenneth has changed and loves his wife. By the way, the guy is busy in the music industry, too.

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Who space Nicki Minaj parents?

Robert Maraj (father)

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Date that birth: July 12, 1956

Robert Maraj (who additionally sometimes is referred as Omar) is known anywhere the human being as a father of a super well-known rapper Nicki Minaj. In her numerous interviews the musician told, that her father was drug addicted and also physically abusive. In addition, Barbie dreams singer opened up, that she was constantly afraid for she mother’s life during Robert’s fights v his wife, and even dreamy to death him. She hatred even increased after his father’s effort to burn their house. No must say, the he was on drugs.

Later Robert provided an interview himself and also told, that regardless of his occasional fury strokes, he had actually never to be so abusive together his daughter says. The guy served as a financial executive and his hobby to be gospel singing. The married Carol Maraj in his youth, and also they produced a huge family v 4 children.

After becoming alcohol and also drug addicted, Robert destroyed his connection with a wife and also they split. Finally, Robert quit drinking and also using drugs and also turned his face to church.

Carol Maraj (mother)

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Date of birth: December 24, 1959

Currently Carol is recognized as a mother of legendary Nicki Minaj and an ex-wife of an abusive and drug-addicted husband. But not anyone knows the in she younger year a woman had musical ambitions of her own. She to be a gospel singer and also songwriter.

Carol to be born in Saint James (Trinidad and also Tobago). There she met Robert, and also they bound a knot. After offering birth come their 4 kids, including Nicki, a married pair decided to move to USA. They were looking for higher earnings, so they left the children in the granny’s home and went to the nation of huge opportunities.

There Nicki served as a salesman at national Commercial Bank, later on she began to job-related as a international exchange teller. In addition, she was baby-sitting in bespeak to make the ends meet. In addition to her husband the mrs planned come buy a house in USA.

Later she take it kids and also moved to brand-new York, in the home of she friends’. Yet Robert found them and also tried come burn the house, as soon as Carol to be in. That led to the final separation of the couple.

During numerous years Nicki’s dad was estranged. Till now the star no him and also doesn’t hide that from the entirety world. That makes Robert annoyed.

Carol thinks the troubled dissatisfied childhood made she daughter stronger and also helped wealthy success.


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Date that birth: November 27, 1978

Jelani Maraj is Niki’s enlarge brother. He was born in Trinidad and also Tobago and moved come Queens, new York, USA in the firm of his parents and siblings, when he turn 9.

Nicki’s younger brother, who she discussed in among her songs and told, that close to him she is just “a tiny sister”, was fairly a successful man. He activate Ozone Park Daycare in Queens and planned to open one more one in brand-new Jersey.

He was in partnership with Jacqueline Robinson throughout several years. In August, 2015 they tied a knot, and also Nicki spent $30, 000 for their wedding – she made such a generosity gesture come show, exactly how happy because that them she was.

But the pair separated after ~ it was revealed the Jelani raped Jacqueline Robinson’s daughter. The male was prosecuted, and also his fault was proved. Maraj’s stepdaughter told to the court, that the man had actually been raping her because she was 11. Sooner or later her tiny brother also witnessed the process of raping. Jelani’s DNA was uncovered at the girl’s pajama pants.

After that Nicki’s brother was convicted to 25 years of jail. His well known sister didn’t give any comments on the situation, back Jelani’s attorneys reported, the she to be going come testify in the court.

Micaiah Maraj (younger brother)

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Date the birth: march 29, 1998

He is the rapper’s younger brother, who is nicknamed together Caiah in the household circle. Unlike his enlarge siblings, Micaiah to be born ~ above the territory of USA. His home city is Baldwin, brand-new York.

The young guy is close with his older sister. Nicki to be so kind to kinds a great birthday party because that Caiah’s 16th birthday.

He is fond the music and can play drums quite well. The man is the fan not simply of his sister’s music, but likewise of Rihanna’s. Formerly he dated Ilissa Kemper, but now the is single.

Ming Maraj (younger sister)

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Ming is Nicki’s little sister. They like to spend time together and also look for this reason similar! In 2017 the girl i graduated from a high school. According to the native of her friends, she was planning to come to be a lawyer.


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Nicki Minaj, who birth surname was Onika Tanya Maraj, resided with her parents and also an older brothers Jelani in St. James. When the girl turn 5, their household moved to USA. She childhood was spoiled by she father’s medicine addiction and abuse.

In USA her mother gave a bear to 2 younger brothers – a brother and also a sister. But that didn’t avoid her father from being cruel through her mother, therefore the future star stopped seeing him.

To cope v her childhood problems, Nicki started to create songs. She writer lines for the very first time, when she was just 12. In addition, she studied acting at LaGuardia High School. The girl tried to escape indigenous cruel truth in her family members life, so she determined to adjust her name for Nicki Minaj. Thus, she pretended, she to be the various other person.

Nicki began her career from posting she music online at MySpace. The young talented girl soon arisen a big fan base and also was i found it by a rapper Lil Wayne. He readily available her to document a number of songs together. That opened up Nicki the method to the human being of professional music.

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She released she debut album “Pink Friday” through the brand “Young Money”. It was certified as platinum. Together for currently the star boasts v 4 studio albums. In addition, she is an sometimes actress. Amongst her functions there’s an appearance in the movie “The various other Woman” together Cameron Diaz’s assistant.