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In short, Pavel die from sublievenant Kotler’s beatings after ~ Pavel spills wine ~ above Kotler during a dinner through the command of the camp and the commander"s family.

In thing 13 the The Boy through the striped Pajamas, by man Boyne , Pavel serves together a waiter and also vegetable chopper...

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In short, Pavel die from sublieutenant Kotler’s beatings after Pavel pour out wine on Kotler during a dinner with the commander of the camp and also the commander"s family.

In thing 13 the The Boy with the striped Pajamas, by man Boyne, Pavel serves as a waiter and vegetable chopper in the residence of Bruno’s father, the command of the camp. Pavel was a doctor before he was imprisoned in the camp, i beg your pardon Bruno uncovered out one day as soon as he fell, and also Pavel was the adult who took treatment of him. Pavel is really smart, however he is Jewish, therefore we recognize he is not respected, cared for, or chosen by the Nazis. Bruno explains Pavel as really old, having grey hair, and also stooping over. Pavel is one older guy who is not in great health. Bruno explains him at the dinner together standing there almost looking favor he is asleep, through no life to his eyes and a slow solution time. He additionally discusses how Pavel is ending up being smaller every week, has actually shaking hands, and also is steadying himself against the wall. This descriptions allow the leader to check out just exactly how weak Pavel is.

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Considering Pavel"s weakened state and Lieutenant Kotler’s anger towards him after ~ the spilling the the wine, it likely wouldn’t be an overwhelming for Kotler to kill Pavel as soon as he is beating him. The reader have the right to assume the Pavel is beaten, because Bruno is an extremely upset about the situation and the reality that his father hasn"t stopped it. That cries, and his sister walk pale. Back Bruno no ever straight state the Pavel dies, the does to speak Pavel is changed by one more Jewish man, and also as Shmuel said previously when they to be talking with the fence, the Nazis are not pertained to with the Jews getting better, for this reason Pavel wouldn’t obtain medical assist for his injuries. Through these pieces of the text, it have the right to be assumed the Pavel die after gift angrily beaten by Kotler.