We deserve to say "Thank girlfriend both because that coming" or "How go you 2 meet?" however the other way around just seems wrong: "Thank you 2 for coming" or "How did you both meet?".

I"m having challenge in explaining the difference in between these 2 phrases.

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The word both is not reflexive; it"s offered for two civilization doing other individually, and not support doing something to each other. So if you to speak they both fought, you"re no saying the they fought with every other. Top top the various other hand, if you to speak those 2 fought, it"s reasonably likely that they dealt with with each other (although it"s no certain).

Thus, friend can"t speak how did both of girlfriend meet? or how did girlfriend both meet?

I don"t think there"s anything grammar wrong with thank you two for coming, the method there is with how did both of girlfriend meet; it"s merely unidiomatic.

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In the context of your examples, both and two have various grammatical functions.

It can be argued that both is provided as a pronoun, adhering to the pattern in the instances below:

BothUsed for emphasis to describe two civilization or things, regarded and also identified together.(as pronoun)‘he looked at them both’- Lexico

Both have the right to be offered ... Together a pronoun: (following a pronoun object): I favor them both.- macmillan dictionary

However, with "Thank you" gift a single lexeme, it could be more useful to treat the word both here as a postpositive determiner that specifies the reference of the civilization being thanked. Although determiners are stated to "come before the noun", postpositive determiners are not unheard of, as the following example shows:

... The mmsanotherstage2019.com all in "The guys all ran fast" could be thought about a postpositive critical ...- Unity and also Plurality: Logic, Philosophy, and also Linguistics, ed. Carrara, Arapinis, Moltmann

Two, ~ above the various other hand, is provided as a postpositive adjective, explicate "you". That binds v "you" therefore tightly the we can (almost?) think about "you two" together a solitary lexical unit.

Looking at the lexical units clarifies the problem with swapping both and two in your examples.

In the "Thank you both ..." example, you is part of the "Thank you" lexeme. Substituting two for both makes you straddle 2 lexemes, which results in the awkwardness of the phrasing. We have the right to resolve this by writing both lexemes in full, through a comma to separation up the "you you" part. We then also need a 2nd comma to keep the initial logic the the sentence, turning "you two" right into a parenthetical:

Thank you, you two, because that coming.


Thank you because that coming, friend two.

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Both creates preserve many of the an interpretation of the initial (but "Thank you, two, because that coming" is really different from "Thank you, both, for coming".)

As because that "How walk you 2 meet?", replacing two with both isn"t ungrammatical. Return "How did you both meet?" might be met through "Who is this human you say we both met?", together Peter Shor hints at in his answer, the sentence imposes fairly a strong context that the human each meets is each other.