Water in the Desert

The desert is no place to be there is no water - among man"s an easy needs for survival. Us think the deserts as areas of too much heat and dryness. Deserts characteristically receive less than 10 inch of rainfall annually. In part deserts, the lot of evaporation is better than the quantity of rainfall. Typically, desert moisture wake up in quick intervals and is unpredictable native year come year.


Colorado river in the grand Canyon

Who would guess the the Southwest gets its water supply from the Colorado river the runs right though the middle of three major deserts ~ above its means to the Sea the Cortez? The Colorado river and the usage of the water has shaped the history of the claims of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, brand-new Mexico and also Utah, i beg your pardon all depend on the Colorado River and also its tributaries for water. Behind Hoover Dam, Lake Mead holds practically a two-year supply of water from the Colorado River.

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It"s May, and the summer warmth is right here in Escondido, CA. The winds have adjusted and room blowing turn off the desert from the east. Together the temperature rises native the effects of the Santa Ana winds, i sit on my patio sipping ice cream water. The water in mine glass is indigenous the Colorado River. In fact, all the water we gain in the summer is Colorado river water. As I drink my water, ns think about the journey of the water native its source and how it has actually arrived below in mine glass.


Lake Powell and also the glen Canyon Dam

It start in the winter with several snow in the Rocky hills of Colorado, and also moves top top in the spring as the melting eye drains away. The water starts as a trickle and soon becomes a significant river that cut its means to the Sea the Cortez. Listed below is a photo taken by indigenous a room shuttle trip over the Southwest in ~ an altitude the 154 miles. The cool Canyon deserve to be seen close to the center of this southwest-looking, high-oblique photograph. This watch of the southwestern unified States shows the food of the Colorado River together it traverses native Lake Powell in southern Utah, v the cool Canyon, westward to Lake Mead in east Nevada, and then southward to Mexico and also the Sea that Cortez.


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The dark forested locations on either side of the grand Canyon space the Kaibab Plateau to the north, and also the Coconino Plateau to the south. Snow-covered Humphreys optimal of the mountain Francisco Peaks is visible south of the Coconino Plateau. Just south of the mountains is the tree-covered Mogollon Rim. The bright orangish-red sands of the Painted Desert have the right to be seen east of the cool Canyon. The forested Wasatch Mountain range of southerly Utah is visible north of the Kaibab Plateau. Southwest of Lake Mead, the Salton Sea and also the royal Valley of southerly California have the right to be seen. West of the Salton Sea, clouds sheathe the Pacific Ocean.


Water and also the Desert

For countless years the Colorado River has left its note on the land. Since the river was formed, it has actually been difficult at work cutting good chasms, consisting of the cool Canyon, as it carved its 1,400-mile course from Colorado"s Rocky hills to the Sea that Cortez. Beforehand settlers along the Colorado do the efforts to transform the river"s affect on the floor by diverting the waters because that irrigation. Yet each year the Colorado, fed by melting snows in the spring and early summer, submarine low-lying lands follow me its route, destroying lives, crops, and also property. In late summer and early fall, the river frequently dried come a trickle, also low come divert. Without water, crops and also livestock withered and died.

The bike of either too lot or too tiny water limited the river"s usefulness. To safeguard the low-lying valleys indigenous flooding, and to assure a stable, year-round water supply, the river had actually to be tamed. A disastrous flood in California"s royal Valley, which developed when the river adjusted its food in 1905, detailed additional inspiration for the control and also regulation.

The flood arisen when beforehand spring speed floods bolstered a generally high spring runoff. This high operation washed away little earth dams which had actually been constructed in a short-term channel cut for the function of diverting water native the flow to the imperial Canal. This canal ran with Mexico on its way to the imperial Valley. Together the heavy flows deepened the channel, the river readjusted course and began flowing right into the imperial Valley and the Salton Sea.The river flowed into the valley for 16 months prior to it was went back to its original course. In the time, it damaged homes and crops; greatly damaged highways, railroads, and irrigation works; and also increased the size of the Salton Sea native 22 to 500 square miles. The Salton Sea now measures 360 square miles and also has 110 miles of shoreline. The Colorado flow covers a lot of ground on its means to the sea. There room many an excellent areas to visit to gain a view of the river and also the landscape that it has actually created. Add human communication to manage the river v a series of dams, and you have some spectacular to chat areas and also resources never prior to known in the desert.To explore the river, friend will desire to begin your pilgrimage at arcs National Park and Canyonlands national Park, both sculpted by rain, wind and river erosion. Canyonlands was cut by both the Colorado and Green rivers. Their confluence is the centerpiece that the park. The entrance to Canyonlands is near Arches" entrance, and also the parks together make a nice two-day outing. There is no highway that follows the Colorado River. Girlfriend can explore it in around 2 or 3 main with numerous side trips to several of the most interesting places in the USA.You can likewise explore the Colorado River and also its plenty of points of attention on your computer system by clicking the table below. The table start in Utah and also works its means to Yuma, wherein what is left of the Colorado flow flows into Mexico.-- Jim Bremner

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